Let’s Take a Peek at All SEVENTEEN Members Dating Rumors!

seventeen dating rumors

Let’s Take a Peek at All SEVENTEEN Members’ Dating Rumors!

SEVENTEEN is a boy group that was formed by Pledis Entertainment and debuted on May 26th, 2015, with thirteen members. This group is known for being independent because they all produce music, lyrics, and concepts by themselves. In fact, this group is almost never dragged into the dating rumors or having a girlfriend.

Even though, people still get curious about who is the woman that is close to them or even their ideal type. So, in this article, we have provided information regarding all SEVENTEEN members’ dating rumors. Keep reading this article!

None of the SEVENTEEN Members Has Ever Spoken About Their Relationship Status

seventeen dating rumors

As said before, SEVENTEEN is one of the K-pop groups that are ‘almost’ safe in dating rumors history. They really focus on their career in making good music. They also never speak about their relationship status or even their ex-girlfriends. Even though, there are some members who were once involved in dating issues. Before your read the details, you can see the list below!

Member Dating Status
Jeonghan Sowon (former GFriend) Not Confirmed
Joshua BLACKPINK’s Jisoo
Vernon PRISTIN’s Kyla
Woozi Kyulkyung
Dino Staff Agency
Mingyu DIA’s Chaeyeon


SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Ex-GFRIEND Sowon’s Dating Rumor

jeonghan sowon dating

Jeonghan has often been rumored with Sowon since she was still the leader of GFRIEND. They are involved in this rumor, even fans think that they have been dating secretly for a long time.

This rumor started in 2020 when a fan exposed facts about their closeness. They were caught staring at each other at one of the award events and couple stuff that they wear on variety shows, for example, necklaces.

The two of them avoided each other and it made fans suspicious, they said that the signals are too clear and obvious. Despite all the speculations in the past, the rumors have never been handled by their agencies. In 2022, Sowon intervened to straighten out the rumors between them. Sowon said that Jeonghan is her friend and asked people to stop talking about them.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Dating

seventeen joshua jisoo dating

In January 2022, SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo were thought to have developed a special relationship. It started when a Chinese netizen made a post on Weibo which contained a chronology of their meetings until they were accused of dating.

In that post, it was explained that Jisoo and Sowon have been friends since 2017 and Joshua also knew about it. Then in 2018, the two of them met through Sowon. After 5 months, in August, Joshua and Jisoo were reported to be dating.

Not only that, but the both of them have similarities in the first letters of their names “J”, and their birth year. The Chinese netizen said that their relationship ended in 2020. Until now, this rumor is still thought to be a rumor because there’s no clarification or confirmation from either Joshua or Jisoo.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s Relationship With Ex-PRISTIN’s Kyla

seventeen vernon kyla dating

On August 12th, 2020, Vernon and former PRISTIN member Kyla (Kyla Massie) were trending on Twitter. It is because Kyla gave clarifications regarding their dating rumors that had been spreading for a long time. They don’t have a special relationship, like dating or anything. Kyla said that she hadn’t dated anyone when she was under contract with Pledis Entertainment.

This rumor started when Kyla’s sister did a live broadcast. At that time, her older sister (Karisa) had implied that Kyla had a special relationship with Vernon.

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi and Kyulkyung’s Dating Rumor

seventeen members dating woozi and pristin kyulkyung

In 2020, alongside ex-PRISTIN’s Kyla’s statement regarding her relationship with Vernon, Kyla also said that other PRISTIN members were also dating fellow idols, which means her labelmates. At that time, Woozi was mentioned in the context of having a special relationship with PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung.

However, as time went by, this rumor was also handled by Kyla who said that she has never said anything about the idols involved in this rumor of dating each other. In other words, Woozi and Kyulkyung are just labelmates.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and DIA’s Chaeyeon’s Dating Rumor

seventeen mingyu and chaeyeon dia dating

Mingyu and DIA’s Chaeyeon debuted in the same year. They also became closer because they were chosen to be MCs of the SBS weekly music show in 2018. Because they’re always together, people think that the two of them are very compatible.

In 2019, Mingyu and Chaeyeon became a hot topic in online communities after seeing their cute interaction through their Instagram posts. At that time, they shared a post to celebrate their first anniversary as SBS’s Inkigayo.

Mingyu commented on Chaeyeon’s post and vice versa. They both are very close and have many cute interactions, people think that they are dating. However, they have answered that they are just friends.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino Dating Rumor with an Agency Staff

seventeen dino dating

Around 2017, Dino was rumored to be dating one of Pledis Entertainment’s staff. It started when there was a video spread on the internet where Dino was giving sweet words to someone who was suspected to be his girlfriend. At the end of the video, Dino said: “Min Kyung, I love you too.”

Based on many sources, Min Kyung once lost her phone and then people found it and opened all her data. It turned out that Min Kyung is a Pledis Entertainment staff. In one of the SEVENTEEN albums, he wrote: “Min Kyung Noona” in the ‘thanks to’ section.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s Dating Rumor

seventeen wonwoo dating

Until now, Woonwo still hasn’t been involved in a dating scandal or even a rumor.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Dating Rumor

seventeen hoshi dating

Hoshi also hasn’t been involved in a dating scandal or even a rumor.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s Dating Rumor

seventeen jun dating

Jun also doesn’t have a girlfriend or has ever been trapped in dating rumors.

SEVENTEEN’s DK’s Dating Rumor

seventeen dk dating

If you search about DK’s dating history, you won’t be able to find anything because DK has never been caught in a relationship or even in a dating rumor topic.

SEVENTEEN’s The8’s Dating Rumor

seventeen the8 dating rumors

Unlike some of the other SEVENTEEN members above, this lead dancer has never been involved in a dating rumor at all. There’s no history about his past or even dating rumors with idols.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups’ Dating Rumor

seventeen scoups dating

As a leader, S.Coups has never been involved in a dating rumor.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan’s Dating Rumor

seventeen seungkwan dating

The last member is Seungkwan. He also has never been involved in a dating rumor.

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