All About Seventeen Members’ Age Order, Age Lines, and Interesting Facts

seventeen age order

Check Out The Age Order of Seventeen Members From The Oldest to the Youngest!

With a large number of members, it is hard to remember the age order of all Seventeen members. Seventeen debuted in 2015 with 13 members and after seven years, all of the members renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment.

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Members of Seventeen are divided into three groups based on their talent, the hip-hop unit, the vocal unit, and the performance unit. Based on their age, Seventeen members can be divided into 4 groups. Are you a true Seventeen fan and can you divide all 13 Seventeen members into groups based on their age? We did just that especially for you. Match your answer with the Seventeen age order compilation in this article.

Seventeen Members’ Age Order

seventeen age order

If you arrange all the members’ ages based on the year, the age order will form a diamond shape. The 95-line or the hyung line sits atop of the diamond pattern while the maknae line sits at the bottom.

seventeen age order dino s coups

The oldest member, S.Coups has a three years age difference from the youngest member, Dino. These are the age orders of all Seventeen members, from the oldest to the youngest (international age as of August 2021).

  1. S.Coups (Born on August 8th, 1995): 26 years old
  2. Jeonghan (Born on October 4th, 1995): 25 years old
  3. Joshua (Born on December 30th, 1995): 25 years old
  4. Jun (Born on June 10th, 1996): 25 years old
  5. Hoshi (Born on June 15th, 1996): 25 years old
  6. Wonwoo (Born on July 17th, 1996): 25 years old
  7. Woozi (Born on November 22nd, 1996): 24 years old
  8. DK (Born on February 18th, 1997): 24 years old
  9. Mingyu (Born on April 6th, 1997): 24 years old
  10. The8 (Born on November 7th, 1997): 23 years old
  11. Seungkwan (Born on January 16th, 1998): 23 years old
  12. Vernon (Born on February 18th, 1998): 23 years old
  13. Dino (Born on February 11th, 1999): 22 years old.

Seventeen Members 95-Line

95 line seventeen age order

The hyung line or the 95-line consists of S. Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua. The 95-line is famous for its vocal and rap talent. The three of them released a song titled “Ah! Love” in the Semicolon special album.

Seventeen Members 96-Line

seventeen 96 line

The 96-line consists of Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi. The 96-line consists of members that are known for their dancing, rap, and vocal skills. They are famous as the “cat line” due to the four members’ personalities being cat-like. They released a song titled “Light a Flame” in 2020.

Seventeen Members 97-Line

seventeen age order 97 line

DK, Mingyu, and The8 are born in 1997. The 97-line is known for its incredible visual, dance, and vocal skills. They are often called the “Hey Buddy” line because of the song that they released together with the same title.

Seventeen Members Maknae Line

seventeen age order

The 98-line consists of Seungkwan and Vernon, while the 99-line consists of only one member, Dino. The three of them are considered as the maknae line of Seventeen. They formed a unit and released a song titled “Do Re Mi” in 2020.

Interaction Between Lines

seventeen age order

With thirteen members, there is always a possibility of argument among the members. However, the boys always show support to each other. Whenever a new member opens their social media account, every member rushes to comment and congratulate the member.

Since Seventeen is divided into several units, there are not many times when they gather and perform as a large unit. They can’t stand being separated even for short periods and they quickly tell the other members how they missed them.

Seventeen are currently on the right path. Even before joining Big Hit Entertainment, they were destined for greatness because all of their albums have been huge hits, and their stage performances are being wanted by Carats. Can’t wait to hear their new albums or collaboration with BTS members in the future. Let’s hope that all seventeen members can get along well and remain together as a group.

seventeen age order

So, did you get the age order correctly? It’s quite tricky to judge the age of Seventeen members based on their appearance. Find out other interesting facts about Seventeen members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media account.