Get To Know More About SEVENTEEN’s Busy Manager And His Daily Activities

Seventeen's Manager

The Facts And Moments About SEVENTEEN’s Manager With The Members

Every K-Pop group has their own manager to manage every schedule and everything related to the idol’s activities. Some K-Pop managers do not appear publicly to protect their personal lives, but some are indeed revealed and fans also know about the managers.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the K-Pop managers that has responsibility for SEVENTEEN. What do you think is the job of a manager? How does the manager handle their idols, especially with SEVENTEEN which has 13 members? Without further ado, let’s find out the answer in this article below!

SEVENTEEN’s Manager: Jeon Young-hwan Is Taking Care Of 13 Members

Seventeen's Manager

One of Seventeen’s managers appeared on MBC’s program “The Manager”. In this opportunity, he shared many interesting things about the members and his feeling about being the manager of a group with many members.

During the event, Seventeen’s manager talked about the challenges he has in taking care of so many people at once. Because there are only three managers in charge of taking care of 13 members.

“There are too many members, so not all of them can sit on the sofa,” Jeon Young-hwan said. “So we put down mats so the members can sit and rest.”

Seventeen's Manager

Jeon Young-hwan revealed that Seventeen needed makeup artists from two different salons, because of having many members.

“A total of 10 (makeup and hairdressers) came,” Jeon Young-hwan said. “And they come from two different salons. Because one salon can’t handle all 13 members.”

SEVENTEEN’s Manager’s Daily Schedule And Activities

Seventeen's Manager

Jeon Young-hwan as SEVENTEEN’s manager shared the difficulties he faced when going shopping for the members’ needs. Because they will flood it with various personal requests, ranging from toiletries to other household appliances.

“When I go to the market (to shop for Seventeen’s needs), I buy everything in bulk and bring a big box,” he said.

Seventeen's Manager

On the other hand, Seungkwan showed his concern, because he felt sorry for his managers who were working hard.

He also explained that the manager’s job is quite difficult so a total of 15 different people have been managers of Seventeen since their debut. In fact, six months is the longest for a manager to work with them.

Seventeen's Manager

“We always apologize to the manager, and it’s not easy to wake up in the morning,” Seungkwan said. “They go to bed at 1 AM and wake up at 5 AM and that happens almost every day of the week, so I’m worried about their health.”

This has also become a public conversation because they feel sorry for the managers. Some even blamed Seventeen’s agency, Pledis Entertainment.

Seventeen's Manager

“They are the group that makes the most money in Pledis, they should receive more support than this. There are only 3 managers for 13 members? This is difficult, both for the singer and the manager,” commented a netter.

SEVENTEEN’s Manager Shows Her Dedication In Fanmeeting

Seventeen's Manager

SEVENTEEN’s manager’s special treatment circulated on one of the South Korean online forums, where a netizen uploaded a gif-formatted image with the caption, “Look at this, Wanna One manager.”

Sometime before, K-Pop fans were shocked by the unpleasant actions shown by the Wanna One manager during the fansigns event.

Contrary to what Wanna One’s manager did, one of SEVENTEEN’s managers recently went viral because of his actions against Wonwoo.

Seventeen's Manager

In the gif, Wonwoo who looks cool talking to a male fan while holding a rose is suddenly approached by a manager. The manager stood behind Wonwoo, took a rose, and put it to his mouth.

This SEVENTEEN member reflexively bit the rose and caused laughter from S.Coups who was right beside him and the fans in front of him.

Seeing this, many netizens praised the manager’s actions by commenting, “This is what managers should do, making their artists shine for fans, not like what Wanna One’s managers do”, “I think I became a fan of this manager”, and others.

SEVENTEEN’s Manager Thought Mingyu Was Missing

Seventeen's Manager

Not only was the story about SEVENTEEN’s manager and daily activities very hectic, but because there were too many members, Jeon Young-hwan even thought that Mingyu was missing.

SEVENTEEN’s members are sleeping in the waiting room and as a manager, he has to put his work first. Jeon Young-hwan looked for Mingyu and was not found. However, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu suddenly appeared out of nowhere and went to do his makeup.

This incident made fans who watched MBC “The Manager” laugh because of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu’s behavior and at the same time appreciated Jeon Young-hwan who was very responsible.

Well, that was all for the information about SEVENTEEN’s manager, Jeon Young-hwan, who is currently being SEVENTEEN’s manager. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social media and wait for interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!