SEVENTEEN’s Joshua: Profile, Parents, Pre-Debut, Etc.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s English Time

We talked about how Joshua came from Los Angeles and how he struggled when he came to Korea. But we never really talk about how is he when he speaks in English, right? When you see Seventeen’s reality show, Joshua would say anything in Korea since it’s a Korean show. But when he goes live on Vlive or Instagram, he speaks in English sometimes.

Let’s see some moments where Joshua speaks English.

If you sent any message to Joshua when he’s doing a live broadcast, he might notice you! So, don’t forget to turn on the notification if he goes live anytime.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Abs


Fans see Joshua as a gentleman since he looks calm ever since Seventeen debuted. Even now, Joshua has always been so calm and gentle. He speaks softly too. In conclusion, Joshua is just like your church crush, making you want to go to church often.

But hey, it’s not a K-pop thing if idols don’t show something related to sexy concepts. Sometimes idols are asked to act cute, and sometimes they are asked to do something sexy. That’s why there are idols who like to tease their fans by showing their abs.

Do you think that Joshua the gentleman will show his abs to fans?

Yes. Well, yeah, maybe.

Joshua is not the type of idol who often ripped off his clothes and showed his abs. But when there is a slight moment where Joshua’s abs are shown, fans are capturing it well.

joshua svt

What do you think about the “sexy” Joshua? Well, always remember that he’s the church guy that you have a crush on.

hong jisoo

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Girlfriend

jennie kai dating

Okay, let’s be real. Joshua is handsome, multi-talented, a gentleman in general. His face is just looking like a prince. Basically, he’s perfect. So, one of the first things in your mind must be: does he have a girlfriend? or are you normal.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove if a K-pop idol has a lover or not. There should be a moment that the reporters captured. Usually, when they were dating secretly, it would be evidence of their relationship, just like some idols such as Kai from EXO and Jennie from Blackpink, Jihyo from Twice Kang Daniel, etc.

As for Joshua, well, it’s really rare to see him involved in a scandal. So, the dating scandal itself might be impossible for him. But it could mean that he might not be in a relationship. Or, Joshua just didn’t public his relationship. Then again, it’s his right to share his private life or not.

joshua seventeen

But we have the type of girl that Joshua likes. His ideal type is someone who cares and understands him, just like his mom. He also likes an affectionate girl. Aw, he’s so boyfriend material.

Let’s wish that one day Joshua will find his true love!


And that’s a wrap for Joshua’s story from his pre-debut life, debut, and many more. It is really a pleasure for us to give you a lot of info about Joshua Hong since he’s just too adorable and charismatic. If only that we all can have our own Joshua Hong, it would be better, right? But anyway, let’s share what do you like the most from Joshua in the comment section!