Check Out the Compilation of SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Long Hair Here!

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Who Had Long Hair in SEVENTEEN?

SEVENTEEN is a boy group under Pledis Entertainment and consists of 13 members. The group debuted in 2015 by releasing a mini-album titled 17 Carat. Ever since the group’s debut, all of the members have drawn attention due to their attractive visuals as well as their powerful talents.

One member who stands out the most is Jeonghan since he has such a gorgeous hairstyle compared to the other members. He appears with long hair very often. Aside from that, his long hairstyle is different through each of SEVENTEEN’s eras. Do you want to see more of Jeonghan’s hairstyle transformations? Channel Korea will reveal them to you, so stay tuned!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Long Hair Compilation

Pre-Debut Era

Before his debut with SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan came up with an alluring style, especially for his hair! His hair length was longer than the other members, and the black color suited his image very well! Don’t you guys think so?

“Adore U” Era

“Adore U” is marked as SEVENTEEN’s debut era since the song was the title track from the album 17 Carat. In this era, Jeonghan showed off his charisma with his reddish-brown long hair! With a few highlights in his hair, Jeonghan looked as fabulous as ever!

“Mansae” Era

A year after “Adore U,” Jeonghan returned with more charisma during the “Mansae” era in 2016! With his straight long hair and blonde colors, his visual was captivating more than ever. The hint of silver color in his hair also looked very shiny, especially when Jeonghan styled his hair into a ponytail!

“Pretty U” Era

Still, in 2016, Jeonghan changed his blonde, ashy hair to a shorter and darker hairstyle during the “Pretty U” era! His hair length only passed down his ear, and somehow, it made his appearance look cuter. Since he dyed his hair to a bright color before, his decision to dye his hair to a dark brown was such a good thing!

“Very Nice” Era

It seems like 2016 was the best era for Jeonghan’s long hair transformations! After the “Mansae” and “Pretty U” eras, Jeonghan returned with darker blonde long hair through the “Very Nice” era in the same year! His style looked even more manly than before, and the length of his hair matched his image as well!

“Hit” Era

After 2016 ended, Jeonghan didn’t have long hair for several years. But, don’t worry! Jeonghan’s long hair returned in 2019 when SEVENTEEN released the “Hit” single! Even though his hair wasn’t as long as in the “Very Nice” era, it was still as attractive as ever. The light blonde hair and his long bangs increased Jeonghan’s charisma even more!

“Fear” Era

In the same year as the “Hit” era, Jeonghan returned with blonde curly hair for the single “Fear!” He was still using the blonde color that was the same as the “Hit” hair color, but he added curly effects to his hair. Since Jeonghan usually appears with straight and long hair, the mixture of curly and mid-length hair during the “Fear” era was captivating as well!

That is the compilation of Jeonghan with his iconic long hair! It has been a while since his last appearance with the epic long hair. Do you also miss SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s long hair eras? We do hope to see Jeonghan with his long hair again soon! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media. Go follow Jeonghan on Instagram @jeonghaniyoo_n for more updates!