In Case You Missed It, Here’s Seventeen’s Jeong-han’s Photos When He Dressed Up as Harley Quinn!

Jeong-han’s Transformation from Seventeen’s Angel to Villainous Character

Known as Seventeen’s angel, stemming from his birthday and generally maternal role in the group, it was quite the shock when he showed up at Seventeen’s fan signing event dressed as the famous Harley Quinn. The fan signing event, one of the few they did during Mansae promotions, was held just a day before Halloween, thus Seventeen went ahead and surprised fans with costumes. Other members opted for more common costumes such as vampires and werewolves, while others stood out by dressing as a priest, the little prince, and even as each other. What stood out about Jeong-han’s costume, in particular, is how much he fit the concept despite the group’s general image and his own demeanor.

At the time, as a recently debuted group, Seventeen were still known for their fun, fresh, and youthful concept. With hits such as “Adore U” and “Mansae,” it was definitely surprising to see them dressed in darker and more sinister costumes. Not only that, Harley Quinn is originally a female villain part of the DC comics universe, thus the twist Jeong-han brought by dressing up as gender-bent character sent shockwaves across the fandom. Furthermore, some even say that he fits the character more than other female idols who dressed up as Harley Quinn, so are you ready to be the judge of that? Let’s take a closer look at Jeong-han’s Harley Quinn cosplay!

Halloween 2015: Jeong-han as Harley Quinn

As part of Seventeen’s fan signing special Halloween event, Jeong-han turned up in full Harley Quinn gear from the dyed-blue-and-red-tipped blond hair with an eye makeup to match, the black heart on the tops of his cheekbones, to the red and black formal get up. The look was adapted from the Suicide Squad movie version of Harley Quinn, very different from the version found in the comics, which was trending at the time due to the movie’s hit trailer being released. Around that time, various other idols such as Hello Venus’ Nara, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, and Twice’s Sana, also drew attention, yet none caused the headlines that Jeong-han did.

Harley Quinn, in the movie, sports a similarly blond, red and blue hair tied in pigtails, t-shirt, jean shorts, and a red-blue bomber jacket. As seen above, Jeong-han has adapted the look to suit his own more tamed aesthetic, while also transforming it to be more masculine. He rocks the look with his bleached blond hair, that was originally the hair color for the “Mansae” song promotion anyway. It was originally dyed purple and silver but faded with time into a cool-toned ashy blond, perfect for the Harley Quinn look. His makeup look is straight out of the movies, but as seen above he opted for a black two-piece oversized suit and a red button-down with tiny black heart prints on them. He completed the look with black formal shoes, that seem to tie the whole look together.

The outfit, as opposed to the makeup, seem to draw more from the comic version of the character as in the comics, Harley Quinn almost always sports a red and black outfit that is reminiscent of jesters in a traditional kingdom court. The color choice and formal oversized suit seem to be a nod to the classic Harley Quinn look. It also does wonders for his stature, with his pretty face yet a set of wide shoulders and slim waist. Genderbending is not something that occurs often in the world of Korean pop industry but is very common in the world of cosplaying. What Jeong-han has done can be considered as genderbending the Harley Quinn character, turning a traditionally female character into a male counterpart.

While rocking the Harley Quinn costume, he also did some fanservice and skinship with fellow members such as Mingyu and S. Coups, in order to sell his role as Seventeen’s Harley Quinn. Mingyu, at the time, was dressed as the traditional Dracula character, complete with a cape and a makeup look to match. The two played up the skinship by Mingyu wrapping Jeong-han in his cape, also fixing his hair while he is at it, sending fans into a craze.

So what do you think about Jeong-han’s creative and sinister Halloween costume? Does it make you interested in more idols doing gender-bent costumes? Comment your thoughts in the section below!