SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and GFRIEND’s Sowon’s Relationship: Is It True That They Are Dating?

gfriend sowon and seventeen jeonghan

GFRIEND’s Sowon and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Dating News: Is It Real?

Dating news in the K-pop entertainment industry is not something new, but it has various effects both on the fans and the artists’ careers. One of the surprising dating news comes from GFRIEND’s Sowon and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan! Well, do you also think that Jeonghan and Sowon are a real couple?

In this article, Channel Korea will help you find out whether they are dating or not, so stay tuned!

The Relationship between SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and GFRIEND’s Sowon

gfriend sowon and seventeen jeonghan

For those of you who have no idea who they are, let’s start with Sowon first! Sowon is the leader of GFRIEND, a girl group that debuted in 2015. Meanwhile, Jeonghan is the lead vocalist and visual of the group SEVENTEEN. So, what is the relationship between them?

Since both GFRIEND and SEVENTEEN’s agencies were acquired under Big Hit Entertainment, they were technically scouted under the same company. On the other side, another SEVENTEEN member named Seungkwan once accidentally said that Sowon was his girlfriend when the group appeared on Idol Room which also made GFRIEND’s fandom make fun of it!


seventeen and gfriend

However, Seungkwan’s action led to the rumors between Sowon and Jeonghan instead. Eventually, the dating news between Sowon and Jeonghan surfaced on the Internet which shocked the fans! So, is it true or not? Let’s find out the details here!

Some Evidence about Their Dating Rumor

gfriend sowon and seventeen jeonghan

It all started when Korean netizens found a bunch of evidence that Jeonghan and Sowon were secretly dating. They spread it to an online forum and expressed their disappointment since Jeonghand and Sowon weren’t hiding their relationship mindfully.

The shreds of evidence included footage of Jeonghan going to GFRIEND‘s backstage, some couple items that they showed off on TV shows, and even how they looked at each other during an awards event. “Even people who aren’t a fan could see that you guys are dating,” said a fan on the forum.

Moreover, when SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan sang GFRIEND’s Sowon’s rapping part on Idol Room, other SEVENTEEN members were laughing and glanced over at Jeonghan as though they were communicating with the eye contact which made the fans become suspicious. However, there is no official statement regarding the dating news from the artists’ agency, but the fans still believe that there is something between Jeonghan and Sowon.

Fans’ Reactions about the Possibility of Jeonghan and Sowon Dating

gfriend and seventeen


There are various reactions from the whole fandom regarding Sowon and Jeonghan’s dating rumor. Some people might be accepting, but some of them were asking the others to be more careful when it comes to K-pop idol relationships since the fans find the smallest suggestion and recite it as truth.

Some of the reactions are:

“Afterall the idol is human and have a feeling like us”

“This has been an issue since forever. We are a fan and our idols love us as a fan, and we must support them”

“If Sowon and Jeonghan are dating then CARATs and BUDDIEs are automatically in-laws”

“Why they made it very clear until the phase that the fans could have noticed their relationship?”

Check Out SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and GFRIEND’s Sowon’s Moments Here!

gfriend sowon and seventeen jeonghan

Here are some of the spotted moments between GFRIEND’s Sowon and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan:

Well, the fans are very thorough especially when they are looking for the truth. When SEVENTEEN and GFRIEND attended ISAC, the fans spotted the moment when Jeonghan looked at Sowon!

Through the clips above, there was a moment when Jeonghan appeared in GFRIEND’s waiting room and they stared at each other at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun!

gfriend's sowon and seventeen's jeonghan sns update

The fans even suggested that Sowon and Jeonghan’s SNS updates were somehow related! Sowon said ‘I love you’ to BUDDY (GFRIEND’s fandom), and Jeonghan seems as though he replied to her with ‘I love you too’ for CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom)!

That is it for today’s article about Jeonghan and Sowon’s relationship news! After all, we have to wait for the confirmation from the agency about whether they are dating or not and support them in their careers! Well, are you one of the shippers of Jeonghan and Sowon? Let us know your answer through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!