SEVENTEEN: Debut Date, Songs, and Stage Performance

BooSeokSoon or BSS, SEVENTEEN’s First Special Unit  Officially Debuted

2018 was a happy year for Carat, fans of Seventeen. After announcing it in Japan some time ago, Seventeen debuted their first special unit in March!

Seventeen is never satisfied to stay the same, and tries to continue to surprise fans. Through their agency’s official Twitter account, @pledis_17, they announced that their first special unit, BooSeokSoon, or BSS, would make their official debut at the end of March, 2018.

BooSeokSoon is an acronym for the names of its members, which is, Boo Seung-Kwan, Lee Seok-Min (DK), and Kwon Soon-Young (Hoshi). As we know, Seventeen is divided into three units, that is vocal, performance, and hip-hop. BooSeokSoon’s debut was highly aniticpated by Carat.

BooSeokSoon’s initial collaboration took place during a fan meeting in South Korea in February, 2018. They performed with energetic choreography and cheerful song arrangements. Many fans suspected that BooSeokSoon would make its official debut after Pledis Entertainment deleted all the threats of BooSeokSoon in the fan meeting.

Pledis Entertainment issued a statement that the BooSeokSoon trio would debut on March 21, 2018, with a single titled Just Do It.

Great Appearance! SEVENTEEN Broke 33rd Golden Disc Awards Stage

SEVENTEEN was chosen as one of the groups to be performing at the 33rd Golden Disk Awards on the second day, on Sunday (1/6). When they performed, they actually damaged the floor of the awards stage with their strong choreography.

SEVENTEEN performed three of its flagship songs at the event, namely Oh My !, Clap, and Getting Closer. Launching Allkpop, when Mingyu and his friends were dancing and singing the song, the middle of the stage floor was released. It was suspected that the release of the stage floor was due to strong pressure from the choreography of the 13-member group. Fortunately, it didn’t make it difficult for the group to continue their performance and get it done well without anyone getting hurt.

Viewers who saw the incident spilled their opinions. They considered that if the stage floor of the stage was not released, there would be no surprise from the group’s appearance.

“Hahaha … it won’t be a surprise if the floor doesn’t come off,” said one comment.

“LOL! Oh my God, their choreography is very intense?” Said another.

“I feel they will knock down the stage during training, haha,” wrote another.

“Artists always say:” let’s go part of the stage ‘for a cool appearance and they do it! “ Wrote the fan differently.

At the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, SEVENTEEN won Bonsang with several other artists, such as EXO, GOT7, TWICE, BTS, Wanna ONE, NU’EST W, NCT 127, MONSTA X, and the late Jonghyun SHINee.

SEVENTEEN Will Release Their Sixth Album

Pledis Entertainment’s boy-group just released their latest mini album. The sixth mini album is titled “You Made My Dawn”.

This album was released on January 21, 2019. This mini album is a series of sequels from SEVENTEEN’s fifth mini album, entitled “You Make My Day”, which was released in July, 2018.

Regarding the album ‘You Made My Dawn,’ Woozi revealed, “Until now we have done many different concepts with various types of music. For this album too, instead of making big changes, we want to convey our message to our fans. This album is filled with songs that you can listen to comfortably. This will warm you during the winter.”