SEVENTEEN: Debut Date, Songs, and Stage Performance

All You Need To Know About South Korean Boy Group “SEVENTEEN”

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴), or as they’re commonly called, SVT, is a South Korean male group that was formed by Pledis Entertainment. Even though the group’s name is SEVENTEEN, the group only has 13 members in it. They are S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino. SEVENTEEN is divided into three different units, a vocal Team, hip-hop Team, and performance Team. Each team has its own leader. For the vocal team, the leader is Woozi, the hip-hop team leader is S.Coups, and Hoshi leads the performance team. The group as a whole has a its own leader, too, S.Coups.

SEVENTEEN made its debut on May 26, 2015, with the song Adore U on the MBC Music Core stage. The song is the lead track for SEVENTEEN’s first mini album, 17 Carat, which was released on May 29, 2015. After having a success with their debut mini album, on September 10,2015 , SEVENTEEN made their first comeback four months after their debut. They released a second mini album, entitled Boys Be, with the flagship song Mansae, and they began promoting on South Korea’s weekly music programs. Even though it had just debuted, SEVENTEEN won a lot of prestigious awards in South Korea, including at the Golden Disk Awards (GDA), Seoul Music Awards (SMA), and also Gaon K-pop Chart Awards. If that weren’t enough, SEVENTEEN is also the one and only South Korean group that made it to the Billboard list “21 Under 21 2015”.

SEVENTEEN’s Debut Stage

Pledis Entertainment’s boy-group debuted by appearing on various South Korean weekly music shows, they debuted on M Countdown!, Music Bank, Music Core Show, SBS Inkigayo, Show Champion, and other weekly music programs.

SEVENTEEN’s Album and Songs

Since their debut, SEVENTEEN has released four mini albums and one full album, along with a repackaged album with 6 main songs in each of these albums.

SEVENTEEN’s 1st Mini Album “17 Carat” (Debut Album)

17 Carat is the first mini album that SEVENTEEN released, three days after their debut on May 26, 2015, with a total of five songs on it. The flagship song on this album is “Adore U”.