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seventeen you make my dawn

SEVENTEEN’s Gave ‘Appetizer’ to Carats at MAMA 2018

How many Carats are reading this post? If you are a Carat, you must know that Seventeen give you a ‘tempting appetizer’ at MAMA 2018 by performing a new song, Getting Closer!For those who didn’t watch it or maybe watched but didn’t realize that it was an appetizer, just relax and let’s take a look at the performance again. After it, we will discuss  Seventeen’s comeback!

SEVENTEEN’s Latest Comeback

seventeen you make my dawn

On January 21st, 2019, Seventeen officially made their most recent comeback! Previously, the group had already given fans an ‘appetizer’ with the new song, Getting Closer, when they performed at the MAMA 2018 event. At the event, the 13 members of the group came on stage with a new, more edgy appearance.

Getting Closer is actually the sixth track of Seventeen’s 6th Mini Album, titled You Make My Dawn. The song has a strong EDM beat that will make your body move when you hear it. Here is the music video of Getting Closer to boost your spirit!

You Make My Dawn debuted atop the Gaon Album Chart, Oricon Albums Chart and at number four on the US Billboard World Albums chart. The album has six songs: Good To Me, Home (title track), 포옹 (Hug), which is sung only by the vocal team, 칠리(Chilli), which sung only by the hip-hop team, Shhh, which is sung only by the performance team, and 숨이 차 (Getting Closer).

As the continuation of the theme of their previous EP, You Make My Day, Joshua said that the background behind the name of You Make My Dawn is because the sun comes in to make the night a little brighter and it progresses into day, right? That’s why we tried to compare the flow of emotions to the sun. Here we provide you the full album of You Make My Dawn, if you want to listen.

How is it? After you hear the full album, it’s clear that Getting Closer and Home are a little bit different. Even though both songs were packed with EDM music, Home is mellow than Getting Closer. Although both lyrics have a similar meaning of someone who is being left, Getting Closer will bring you a boost to your spirit, but Home will bring you to chill.

That’s why Tamar Herman of Billboard described Home as “sentimental future bass”, meanwhile, in the publication’s prior list of the “10 Most Anticipated K-pop Albums of 2019”, Jeff Benjamin described the first track released from the EP, Getting Closer, as “dark hip-hop”. Let’s listen to Home now to compare the melody.

After listening and watching the music video, it doesn’t feel complete if you don’t watch the live performance on stage! Especially Home, which won so many of trophies in this comeback.

So, how is it? As always, Seventeen’s performance never disappoints you, does it? To make this comeback information complete, let’s also see Home‘s first win at Show Champion. All the members give a short speech at this first win. Go ahead take a look at the video below.

SEVENTEEN’s Next Comeback Prediction

seventeen you make my dawn

As Seventeen just made their newest comeback this January, there hasn’t been any new information about their next comeback yet. But don’t worry, they’re still active using their social media accounts, especially on Instagram.

SEVENTEEN’s Instagram

seventeen you make my dawn

I’m sure many of you already know that Seventeen has an official Instagram account. Did you also know that starting in February, 2018, The8 and Mingyu opened their own personal Instagram accounts? After them, the other member such as S.coups, Woozi, Vernon, Seungkwan, and Joshua also followed suit.

They created personal Instagram accounts in hopes of being able to connect with fans on a more personal level and give fans a deeper insight into their lives. Don’t worry if you do not have their own personal accounts, they still can be active on Seventeen’s Instagram, saythename_17.

seventeen ig

Talking about Seventeen’s Instagram account, I think the top post of this month is Hoshi’s In for it – torylanez dance cover, which is choreographed by Melvin Timtim. The post gained about 517k views, 356k likes, and 5.7k comments. Well, nobody can resist Hoshi’s dance moves. If you want to see it, just click the hyperlink below.

Hoshi’s In for it – torylanez ( Melvin Timtim choreography )Post