List of Seventeen Album and Songs You Must to Know and Downloaded

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SEVENTEEN Popular Songs You Should Have Heard

SEVENTEEN successfully debuted under Pledis Entertainment with 13 members, captivating the public with their large group. The group composes their own songs and makes their own dance choreography,  showing an amazing amount of team work which has enabled them to creates many good,catchy songs since their debut. Here are their popular songs and albums that you should known.

SEVENTEEN – 17 Carat : Adore U

seventeen adore u

17 Carat is SEVENTEEN’s debut extended play released on May 29, 2015 by Pledis Entertainment and distributed by LOEN Entertainment. The title track of the album is ‘Adore U’ which is about a teenage boy trying to navigate through puppy love. It was a catchy, funky pop song that attracted public attention. The album consists of 5 tracks.


No. Title
1 Shining Diamond
2 아낀다 (Adore U)
3 Ah Yeah
4 Jam Jam
5 20


SEVENTEEN – Love & Letter : Pretty U

seventeen pretty u

Love & Letter is SEVENTEEN’s first studio album which released on April 25, 2016 by Pledis Entertainment. The album consists of 10 tracks including their title track ‘Pretty U’. The theme of the title track Pretty U’ is about the experience of first love. ‘Pretty U’ was being promoted on the music shows for two and half months. They got their first win with the song on May 4, 2016. The album charted at number 3 on Billboard‘s World Album Chart and at number 4 at Heartseeker’s Albums Chart.


No. Title
1 엄지척 (Chuck)
2 예쁘다 (Pretty U)
3 이놈의 인기 (Still Lonely)
4 유행가 (Popular Song)
5 Say Yes
6 “떠내려가” (Drift Away)
7 아낀다 (Vocal Team Ver.) (Adore U)
8 만.세 (Hiphop Team Ver.) (Monday To Saturday)
9 Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
10 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)


On July 2016, the repackaged album was released including 5 new tracks and new title track ‘Very Nice’ which is a really addictive, catchy song.

They also released a music video of the song ‘Healing’ on October 16, 2015. The music video showed how SEVENTEEN member are spending their holiday as their ‘Healing’ time.


No. Title
1 No F.U.N
2 아주 NICE (Very NICE)
3 힐링 (Healing)
4 SIMPLE (Woozi Solo)
5 끝이 안보여 (Can’t See The End)
6 엄지척 (Chuck)
7 예쁘다 (Pretty U)
8 이놈의 인기 (Still Lonely)
9 유행가 (Popular Song)
10 Say Yes
11 “떠내려가” (Drift Away)
12 아낀다 (Vocal Team Ver.) (Adore U)
13 만.세 (Hiphop Team Ver.) (Monday To Saturday)
14 Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
15 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)

SEVENTEEN – Going Seventeen : Boom Boom

seventeen - going seventeen

Going Seventeen is SEVENTEN third mini album which released on December 5, 2016 by Pledis Entertainment. The album consists of 8 tracks including the title track ‘Boom Boom’. The title track ‘Boom Boom’ has won 2 trophies on the music shows.


No. Title
1 Beautiful (Mix Unit)
3 Highlight (Performance Team)
4 기대 Lean On Me (Hip-Hop Team)
5 빠른 걸음 Fast Pace
6 몰래 듣지 마요 Don’t Listen In Secret (Mix Unit)
7 글쎄 I Don’t Know
8 웃음꽃 Smile Flower (Vocal Team)


SEVENTTEN – Al1 : Don’t Wanna Cry

seventeen al1

Al1 is SEVENTEEN’s 4th mini album which released on 2017 and represents a special sequence project in 2017. The album consists of 8 songs, including 2 special tracks that are available only on CD. The songs have won 6 trophies in music shows.


No. Title
1 울고 싶지 않아 Don’t Wanna Cry
2 입버릇 Habit (Vocal Team)
3 IF I (HipHop Team)
4 Swimming Fool (Performance Team)
5 MY I (Jun x THE8)
6 Crazy in Love
7 WHO (CD Only)
8 Check-In (Remastering) (CD Only)


SEVENTEEN – KBS Immortal Songs 2 ‘Uhm Jung Hwa Special’ : Tell Me

seventeen immortal songs 2 - tell me

Not only are they active at music shows, SEVENTEEN is also active in other shows. One of them is KBS Immortal Songs 2. Immortal Songs 2 is a competition show in which an idol or singer needs to sing legendary songs in their own way. In episode of ‘Uhm Jung Hwa Special’, SEVENTEEN was joining the competition with the song, Tell Me. The song released in 1997 with special collaboration with Jinusean.

Below is the original version of ‘Tell Me’ by Uhm Jung Hwa ft Jinusean

SEVENTEEN’s version of the song is really amazing and captivated the audience and Uhm Jung Hwa herself. They even got a standing applause from Uhm Jung Hwa. Hip hop team rap is really catchy because they put several of Uhm Jung Hwa’s famous songs in the lyrics. They also added some of their own song lyrics to their song. You can watch their performance below.