Find Out More About The Full Profile Of Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul: Fun Facts, Personality, And More

seven o clock 2soul profile

Dig Deep Into the Profile of Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul

Seven O’Clock or 7 o’clock (세븐 어클락) debuted on March 16th, 2017, by releasing their first mini-album titled Butterfly Effect with the lead single “Echo”. At first, the group consisted of Hangyeom, Vaan, Hyun, Jeonggyu, Taeyoung, and 2Soul.

But, In September 2018, the group underwent several changes such as moving agency to KDH Entertainment, managed by Forest Network, and Vaan’s departure from the group. After that, the group welcomed two new members in 2019 named Andy and Rui. Now, the Seven O’clock member lineup consists of Hangyeom (A-Day), Andy, Taeyoung, 2Soul (Younghoon), Jeongkyu, and Rui.

In the same year of the addition of new members, precisely in 2019, three of the members decided to have a hiatus, one of them is 2Soul, who was previously known as Younghoon before changing it in 2018. He took a brief hiatus from promotions due to personal health issues and came back to the group in October 2019 after recovering from his problems. Fans welcomed his comeback happily.

So, are you curious to dig deep into his profile? Let’s find the answers in this article!

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Full Profile

seven o clock 2soul profile

Stage Name: 2Soul, formerly known as Younghoon (영훈)]
Birth Name: Kim Young-hoon (김영훈)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 10th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Instagram: @2soul.soc

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Fun Facts

2soul seven o clock profile
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s favorite Seven O’Clock song is “Echo”, he also likes Taeyeon‘s “Fine”
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul is a person full of humor and has beautiful charms, such as aegyo
  • Baseball is Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s favorite sport
  • Korean food is Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s favorite food
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s personal style is described as loose
  • Singing is Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s specialty
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s bad habit is gobbling food down
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul likes the Korean movie The Witch Part 1 and even recommends it
  • In the group, Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul represents ‘cuteness’
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul is the ‘happy virus’ of the group
  • Pastel is Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s favorite color
  • According to Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul, the game characters named Digimon and Patamon look like him the most
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s the shortest member of the group
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul shares the same birth name as The Boyz‘s Younghoon
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul changed his stage name from Younghoon to 2Soul in 2018
  • Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul participated in JTBC’s survival show MIXNINE and even ranked #6 in the final episode; however, unfortunately, he failed the audition stage

About Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Personality

In the group, he represents ‘cuteness’. One look at him and you can instantly feel his cuteness overload. Aside from that, he is also known as the ‘happy virus’ of the group due to his bright energy that can lift the atmosphere once he enters the room.

He also got teased a lot by the other members. One time, he mispronounced the word ‘fine’ in Taeyeon’s song to ‘fi-na’ and he was mocked by the other members who called him ‘pabo’ (stupid, in a joking way). But he tells this story lightly and with ease, thus showing that he is a very chill person. Yet, he still shows his confidence as he boasts that he is very good at spelling Korean words and finished 1st among the other members.

He also has many interesting talents as he loves imitating figures on TV and even mastered the move of figure skating after seeing Kim Yuna, and he can form his lips into a square.

He really is a mood booster of the group, right?

Aside from being funny, 2Soul is also smart, especially when it comes to the catch-mind game. Out of all the other members, he can catch the words most quickly.

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul Focus Fancam

He is as bright on-stage as he is in real life. Whenever he’s performing, he always bursts with positive and passionate energy. His dancing is always on point, and he fills the stage with his sharp moves.

Check out a few of his fancams below!

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Cover Songs

As the main vocalist, of course, singing is his specialty. Not only Seven O’Clock songs, but he can also sing other people’s songs with his own style. He also has a very good pronunciation of English songs and he sounds perfect.

He delivers his emotions in every line he sings.

Check out a few of his cover songs below!

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Visual

seven o clock 2soul profile

2Soul has very attractive and calming features with his bright eyes and smile. When you see him smile, it feels like the weight of your shoulders lifts up and you are moved by his cuteness.

seven o clock 2soul profile

He also has a certain ‘mom’ aura when he smiles. He reminds you of that sweet lady who always offers you a glass of lemonade whenever you pass by; kk that’s how much his good-natured soul shines through.

seven o clock 2soul profile

Still, although he is cute, you can’t deny that he also can be very cool and though with certain styles, and especially when he’s performing on stage. His style is very versatile, and you’ll always find yourself in love with him whatever the occasion.

Seven O’Clock’s 2Soul’s Latest News

seven o clock 2soul profile

On August 22nd, 2020, Seven O’clock returned to the music scene as they released their first single album titled Highway. The album consists of two tracks, “Hey There” and “Wassup”, and an instrumental version of each of the two songs.

When the group released the individual teaser pictures prior to the release of the album, fans were swooning over his teaser photo as he posed and stared sexily into the camera under the red light.

The album’s lead track was decided to be “Hey There” and the music video was released on August 29th, 2020, while the album’s physical format was released on August 31st, 2020.

Check out their MV below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the ‘happy virus’ of Seven O’Clock, 2Soul! What do you think about him? You can kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.