K-Drama Throwback: Don’t Miss Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo’s Romantic Moments in ‘Brilliant Legacy’


Throw Back with Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo’s Romantic Moments

If you are a Korean drama lover, you must be familiar with the drama Brilliant Legacy. It was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year and maintained its number one spot in the viewership ratings chart for 20 consecutive weeks, reaching a peak rating of 47.1% for its last episode. The drama stars Lee Seung-gi, Han Hyo-joo, and Moon Chae-won. Brilliant Legacy was aired by SBS for a total of 28 episodes.

In this article, Channel Korea will tell you all about the drama Brilliant Legacy, and the romantic moments between Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo that will touch your heart. Want to know more about the drama and the romantic moments between Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo? Check this out!

Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo’s Romantic Moments in Brilliant Legacy

As we have seen, the drama Brilliant Legacy was a pretty popular drama in 2009, starring Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo. In this drama, Lee Seung-gi plays Han Sunwoo and Han Hyo-joo plays as Go Eun-sung.


This drama is about Eun Sung, who was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother back with her to New York, and Sunwoo, who was studying in New York, and was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother. When they arrived at the airport, their bags were accidentally switched so that Sunwoo carried Eun Sung’s bag and Eun Sung carried a bag belonging to Sunwoo. Upon arriving home, Eun Sung learned that her bag had been switched and tried to contact Sunwoo, but Sunwoo made it even more difficult for Eun Sung.

Eun Sung’s father was struggling to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his wallet and valuables were taken by a thief who subsequently caused a gas explosion accident and died as a result. The police, upon finding Eun Sung’s father’s belongings with the thief, mistakenly identified the thief as he and a death certificate for him was promptly issued. Her father decided to lie low so that his family could claim his life insurance and use it to clear their debts.


Eun Sung asked for help from several of her friends, who avoided her because she was no longer rich. While working at a nightclub, Eun Sung met Sunwoo. This is where many incidents begin that involve Eung Sung and Sunwoo, which drew them together, but their paths were full of obstacles and confusion.

AThere are a number of scenes that will make you miss this drama, such the romantic scenes between Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo, including this kiss scene. Take a look!


Do you remember that scene? Then how about this scene, when Han Hyo-joo said “I Love You” to Lee Seung-gi?


Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo’s Off-screen Moments


The closeness between Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo is not just limited to their drama, Brilliant Legacy. After the drama was finished or when they finished filming they still showed their closeness as friends. Many rumors suggested they were dating, but but that wasn’t the case, they were just good friends who supported each other.

Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyoo-jo are very close because they are the same age. Han Hy-joo said, “I still keep touching Seung Gi every now and then. Seeing that I got a phone call right at the time I was really tough for me, I had things that were difficult. At that time Seung Gi was able to clearly pinpoint my problem. Seung Gi said, “If you say it’s hard, then things really start to get difficult and I can identify with that statement.” She said “After that, I was never let out that things were hard.”


After the drama was finished, Han Hyo-joo also revealed that she and Lee Seung-gi still exchanged news with each other. She revealed, “Whether I’m starting a project or wrapping up one, I am in contact with Lee Seung-gi every now and then.” She added, “Somehow he knew about the final broadcast episode of Dong Yi. Afterwards I heard from him and he said ‘You did a good job. Let’s meet up with the end of the year. ‘I was really thankful.’ She said with a laugh, “I know very well how many lives are life.”

Han Hyo-joo said, “I am in contact with Seunggi every now and then, and we also text. Seunggi is like how would I describe him? He is a very upright friend. From the first time I met him until now, he has not changed, he is a good friend. He says a lot of things to me that give me strength and encouragement.”

They are so cute, right?

Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyoo-jo’s Latest News

At present, both of them are occupied with their individual activities. On June 5, 2019, Lee Seung Gi just celebrated 15 years of his debut in the entertainment industry. He wrote, “Thank you to AIREN, who has been together with me for 15 years! I’m happy and grateful to be able to be your celebrity. To everyone who’s sent me messages of congratulations, I’m sending you grateful hearts!.”


The Burning Sun case has become increasingly viral and has dragged in several actresses, including Han Hyo-joo. Hearing the news, Han Hyo-joo and BH Entertainment gave a statement related to the rumor. The attorney stated, “Actress Han Hyo Joo is the endorsement model for cosmetics brand ‘JM Solution’; she has never been set foot inside ‘Burning Sun’, Neither did she attend the particular event which took place at the club back on November 23, 2018.”


They continued, “Despite this, the uncontrollable and reckless spread of malicious, false rumors are open defaming and mocking our clients’ platforms. Concluding that our client Han Hyo Joo’s character has been severely defamed due to the rampant spread of such malicious content, we have identified 33 online users who were found to post false content, and have a lawsuit against them through Seoul’s Yongsan Police Office.”