Here Are the Top 10 Seulong Collaboration Songs

Seulong’s Latest News: Future Collaboration Prediction?

From female to male artists, DJs to indie musicians, and even singing for some OSTs, Seulong has done a great job and shown his potential for what he can do without his former group, 2AM. After seeing Seulong with so many different artists, who do you think was the best musical match for him?

Talking about Seulong’s duet partners, he once revealed that one of the partners that he found the most charismatic was IU, the female artist he worked with on the song called “Nagging”. He also said that IU really has a feminine side perfectly.

Currently, he’s working as a solo artist and also got recognition from netizens since his return from military, when he was revealed to have introduced Kang Daniel and Jihyo from Twice. Some netizens were mad about it, saying that he was involved in someone’s business too much. They were disappointed because they don’t want their idols to have a normal life and have a relationship with someone.

What do you think about it? Do you think that Seulong did a wrong thing for introducing Kang Daniel to Jihyo, who he’s known for years?

Anyway, it would be great if Seulong had a collaboration with either Jihyo or Kang Daniel. Let’s just hope and wait for another cool project from Seulong. Cheers!