Here Are the Top 10 Seulong Collaboration Songs

Seulong’s Duet with AOA’s Jimin: Good Start 2015

Another female artist that got a chance to collaborate with Seulong is Jimin from AOA.

Seulong jimin

AOA’s leader participated in the survival program called Unpretty Rapstar. This program was a rap competition, and was essentially the female version of Show Me The Money. Jimin was one of the contestants of the show, all of whom collaborated with other artists to create rap songs. One of those artists was Seulong. Not only that, they worked together to create the music and lyrics, also involving other music producers such as Verbal Jint. The song was called “Good Start 2015” and succeeding in reaching the number two spot on the Gaon Singles Chart.

Take a look at how good the song was and share your thoughts about it!

Although they succeeded in produce a really good song, there were still a lot of netizens who threw shade at Seulong, saying that he was favoring Jimin. This rumor definitely made Seulong sad and he even wrote a tweet about it, saying that he never meant to do that.

Well whatever it is, just agree that they did good work together, don’t you think?

Seulong’s Duet with Beenzino: You

If you’ve been impressed with Seulong’s voice and how well it sounded with female artists, now you can see how good he sounds when he’s working with a male artist.

The male artist is none other than Beenzino, the rapper.

The song was released before Seulong went to the army to complete his mandatory military service on June 20, 2017. Seulong and Beenzino went to the military service at around the same time, even taking a test together before officially joining the army. Seulong revealed that Beenzino and he lived in the same neighborhood, so they had been close for a long time. That was also why Seulong chose Beenzino, among all the rappers in Korea. The other reason was because the lyrics are about a couple who are falling in love, and he thought it would be a good fit for Beenzino, who has a lovey-dovey relationship with his girlfriend.

Seulong said that he asked Beenzino to record his part before he joined the military service.

Let’s listen to the song called “You”, which they released before they said goodbye to their fans!

How was it? What do you think about the song? If you think that Seulong and Beenzino’s voices were well matched, it could be because they have such good chemistry as friends. Let’s hope that they will make another awesome project together again!

Seulong’s Duet With DJ Clazzi: How We Fell

If you were surprised by the fact that Seulong did a collaboration with the late DJ Avicii on the song called “Levels”,you might wonder how he was chosen to do a collab with the DJ. It wouldn’t sound as strange if you knew that Seulong did another collaboration with a Korean DJ, named DJ Clazzi.

It was back on November 23, 2011, when Seulong and DJ Clazzi revealed the song “How We Fell” and the accompanying music video. Just like a typical song from a DJ, this was an electro-dance tune, and Seulong really suits the song with his smooth, high-pitched voice.

Let’s take a look at the futuristic-themed music video!

What do you think about the video and the song? Do you think that Seulong did well with electro-dance music? Tell us your thoughts!

Seulong’s Duet With Changmin: Path of Tears

This particular song was done long before 2AM disbanded. In June, 2012, Seulong did a collaboration with his fellow member in 2AM, Changmin. He and Changmin sang a song for a drama called “Dr. Jin”, which was called “Path of Tears”.

Just like the name suggests, the lyrics of the song are about a person who couldn’t forget his past lover even though they’ve tried hard to forget them. In this song, both Changmin and Seulong sing every line perfectly, as if they actually cried over the ex that they still loved.

Just listen to this song and feel the pain of the two 2AM vocalists!

What do you think about the song? Seulong and Changmin really did a good job for the OST, right?

Seulong’s Duet with Epitone Project: Summer, Night

In September 2013, Seulong teamed up with indie musician Epitone Project and did a collaboration by releasing a song called “Summer, Night”. The song is an everlasting great fit for your summer routine, and was about someone who said farewell to the sad times and his past. This is a ballad that you can always sing along with. The music from Epitone Project really matched with Seulong’s falsetto voice.

If you like 2AM’s song “One Spring Day”, then you must be like this song as well, because both songs have the same composer, Epitone Project.

Let’s just listen to the song, shall we?

What do you think about the song? It really is a good fit for a summer heartbreak, right?

Seulong’s Duet With Kisum: Finding Differences

Once again Seulong is working with a female artist. However, this is not the typical duet, like theones he’s done with IU or Joy from Red Velvet. This time, Seulong did a collaboration with Kisum, the female rapper. The song called “Finding Differences”, and is a little goofy, with a sense of a ‘falling in love’ type of song.

Seulong and Kisum recorded this song as an OST for a Korean drama called “Uncontrollably Found”, a drama starring Suzy and Kim Woo-bin. The song was released while the drama was still airing, which was on July 6, 2016. Since the song is for a romantic drama, it’s about a couple that has just started their romantic relationship. The lyrics matched the situation of the drama really well. Just listen to it and you will find yourself smiling out of nowhere!

What do you think about the song? Though this was just an OST, Seulong still did an awesome job, right? Share your thoughts!