Here Are the Top 10 Seulong Collaboration Songs


Meet the Master of Collaboration, Seulong, and All the Artists He’s Collaborated With

If you have been a K-pop fan since the second generation of K-pop era, then you must be familiar with 2AM, one of the ballad K-pop boy-groups that debuted under JYP Entertainment. Since their debut year, which was in 2008, the group has been popular for the vocal genius of the four members, which includes Changmin, Jo Kwon, Seulong, and Jinwoon. However, 2AM has now disbanded since the members have left JYP Entertainment, one by one.

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We’re not going to talk about 2AM in general in this article. Instead of the whole group, we’re going to talk about one of the pioneers in 2AM, who not only has an angelic voice, but also has been collaborating with a lot of other artists.

Im Seulong was the second-eldest member in 2AM, and has also been pursuing a career in acting since he starred in the Korean drama “Personal Taste”. Acting hasn’t been his only other work aside from his role in 2AM, he’s also released singles that he did with other artists. He still does a lot of collaborative work, even though he’s left his group and JYP.


Are you curious about who are the artists who have done duets with this handsome-with-a-sweet-voice guy? Are you wondering what kind of songs he’s released with other artists? Let’s take a look at the details, below!

Seulong’s Duet With IU: Nagging

Back in 2010, Seulong did a collaboration with the female singer IU, by releasing a song called “Nagging”. Just like the title, this song is about a couple that likes to nag each other.

Both IU and Seulong sing this song perfectly, interpreting a couple that have a love-hate relationship. Even though they dislike each other’s bad habits, they do have deep feelings towards each other.

If you think that the lyrics remind you of a married couple, then you’re correct! This song is actually a soundtrack for the reality show called We Got Married.

IU and Seulong once performed the song live while wearing wedding clothes. They were really cute, weren’t they?

The old picture of Seulong and IU, below, looks so cute and reminds us of their past days. Even now, Seulong and IU have maintained a close friendship since their duet! Take a look at this picture!

What do you think about this duet and collaboration? Do you want Seulong and IU to have a collaboration again in the future? Let’s hope that they will do it again, then!

Seulong’s Duet With Red Velvet’s Joy: Always in My Heart

If Seulong’s song featuring IU was about the love-hate relationship between a long-time couple, this collaboration will make you feel the bitter-sweetness of a couple who are separating, in a song called “Always in My Heart”, sung by Seulong and another female singer, Joy from Red Velvet. The collaboration between Joy and Seulong was because of SM Station, a project from SM Entertainment where a new song was released every week throughout the year.

“Always in My Heart” was released in November, 2016, and is a perfect fit for the autumn vibe. The lyrics are about a couple that were glad to meet each other and thankful for everything that they’ve been through. Even though their relationship is over, they both wish each other the best of everything. Then again, their love story would still remain in their hearts, always. Just like the title, “Always in My Heart”.

This is the music video of “Always in My Heart”.

You can also listen to the song on Spotify!

What do you think about the song? What about the chemistry between Joy and Seulong, with their nearly ten-year age gap? They also shared a cute-awkward interaction in a V Live, let’s take a look at it below!

Seulong’s Duet With Avicii: Levels

Not only collaborating with Korean musicians, Seulong also showed his amazing talent in a collaboration with a western musician. The western musician that we’re talking about is none other than the late DJ Avicii. Seulong contributed as the singer in the song called “Levels”.

This song originally contained Etta James’ vocals from the song called “Something’s Got a Hold of Me”. However, “Levels” was released again in a Korean version, just to add Seulong’s vocals. Not only is he featured in the song, the former member of 2AM also sang the lyrics in Korean. The song then sold in the Korean digital market after the re-release in May, 2013. The late Avicii also came to Korea to attend the Ultra Music Festival in Seoul, on May 14-15.


Let’s take a look at the behind the scenes footage of Seulong and his chance to collaborate with the late Avicii in “Levels”!

Although Seulong sang for less than a minute in the song, you must agree that he really did a great job, don’t you think?