Seulong Ex-2AM: Profile, Facts, Duet Projects, Playing Cupid for Kang Daniel and Jihyo, Etc.

Seulong’s Discography

Now, having in mind all that you have read so far about Seulong, especially his time as a member of 2AM, you are probably wondering about all the songs that he has made, both as a member of the idol group and as a solo artist. Let’s take a look at Seulong’s discography according to kpop wiki!

Digital singles

  • “Normal” (2015)
  • “Melatonin” (2015)
  • “3rd Single Album ‘그 순간'” (2017)
  • “You” (2017)
  • “Sea of Love” (2017)


  • Nagging(with IU) (2012)
  • “Korean Levels” (with Avicii) (2013)
  • “여름, 밤” (with Epitone Project) (2013)
  • “2014 Monthly Shin Jong Shin May Issue” (with Shin Jong Shin) (2014)
  • “Unpretty Rapstar Track 2” (with Jimin (2015)
  • “On the Way To Love” (with Yoon Hyun Sang) (2016)
  • Always In My Heart(with Joy) (2016)
  • Female Friend(with Kei) (2020)

Participation releases

  • 2AMLet’s Talk (“Loveskin”) (2014)
  • JYP NationJYP Nation Korea 2014 ‘One Mic’ (“U Don’t Know” with Taecyeon) (2014)


  • “Dr. Jin OST Part.3” (with Lee Chang Min) (2012)
  • “Hogu’s Love OST Part.3” (“Destiny” with Esna) (2015)
  • “Some Guys, Some Girls OST Part.1” (“Lovely”) (2015)
  • “Love Cell Season 2 OST” (“Same Thing”) (2015)
  • “Mrs. Cop2 OST Part.2” (2016)
  • “Uncontrollably Fond OST Part.2” (with Kisum) (2016)
  • “Musical Mata Hari OST” (“Ordinary Lives”) (2017)
  • “Once Again OST Part.2” (“When I Close My Eyes”) (2020)

Seulong’s Duets and Collaborations

In Seulong’s discography list, we saw that some of the songs that he has sung are collaborations with other artists. Well, yes, Seulong has made a lot of collaborations since he was a member of 2AM and after, when he debuted as a solo singer. From IU, Red Velvet’s Joy, to Lovely’s Kei, and so many more artists. Let’s take a look at some of them and share your thoughts about it!

Seulong’s duet with IU was in 2012. They released a song titled “Nagging” for the We Got Married OST.

Seulong also collaborated with Avicii, featuring a song that was released in Korea in 2013 titled “Level.”

Seulong was featured in a song titled “Summer, Night” with Epitone Project in 2013.

Seulong was featured in Yoon Jong-shin’s song “New You” in 2014.

Along with Verbal Jint, Seulong collaborated with Shin Jimin (former leader of AOA) in the Unpretty Rapstar reality show, for a song titled “Good Start.”

The duet between Seulong and Yoon Hyun-sang is something that we never knew we needed. Let’s take a look at their song titled “On The Way to Love.”

Seulong was featured in SM Station and made a duet with Red Velvet’s Joy for a song titled “Always In My Heart” in 2016.

The latest collaboration that Seulong made was with Lovelyz’s Kei in 2020, for a song titled “Female Friend.”

Seulong’s voice really matches well with a lot of artists, don’t you agree?

Seulong as Cupid for Jihyo from TWICE and Kang Daniel

Do you know that Seulong and Jihyo from TWICE are friends? Seulong and Jihyo spent their trainee days together, as Jihyo was a trainee since 2005. Even after debut, Seulong still maintained a good relationship with Jihyo. When there was news about Jihyo’s dating rumor with Kang Daniel, Seulong’s name came up as he was reported to be the one who introduced Jihyo and Kang Daniel.

Even so, some of the netizens were angry at him. They don’t want their idols to ruin their career because of dating. And they were mad at Seulong because he is said to be the one who introduced them. They thought that if Seulong didn’t do that, they would not be together.

However, it was just a mad response from netizens. Not everyone thinks like that, even some of them thank Seulong for introducing the two of them so they can be together now.

What do you think about this scandal? Are you on Seulong’s side, or do you think Seulong did something wrong? Well, whatever it is, let’s not throw hate comments towards everyone, you may have a different opinion, but don’t let your words hurt people!

Seulong’s Instagram

We can learn even more and keep updated about Seulong’s life by checking out his social media accounts. If you want to receive the latest news about Seulong from his own hand, don’t forget to follow him since has an official Instagram account, @lsod.d.

Let’s take a peek at Seulong’s posts on Instagram!

Seulong is looking chic as always with his dog.



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지겨운 너 #럽스타그램

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Not doing a collaboration, Seulong took a photo with Hani from EXID for a music video.

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4개월 여정 정리

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Who misses 2AM? Can’t wait to see them back together!

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Seulong in Knowing Bros

On May 28th, 2020, in Episode 234 of Knowing Brother from JTBC, Seulong appeared as a guest along with Son Dam-bi and MMA fighter Jung Chan-sung. Both of them are Seulong’s friends, and Seulong asked them personally to join him in the episode as guests.


There, Seulong was welcomed really well by one of the MCs, Kang Ho-dong. Since there were rumors about Kang Ho-dong who seemed to be ignoring Seulong when they were in Star King, that was brought up by Jo Kwon in the previous episodes. Kang Ho-dong then showed that he actually cared for Seulong.

Seulong also did a collaboration with Yongchul, singing “Nagging,” a song that he originally made in a collaboration with IU!

They also talked about Seulong’s friendship with Chansung and Son Dam-bi and how they met. What a social butterfly!

You can take a look at more of Seulong’s appearance in Knowing Brother and watch the full episode, here!


That’s all the info that we have gathered for you to get to know Seulong better. Let’s just hope that we can see more projects from Seulong, whether it’s a song or a drama. Fighting, Seulong!