Check Out Ong Seong-woo and Kim Hyang-gi’s High School Romance in ‘Moment of 18’!

Details About Ong Seong-woo and Kim Hyang-gi’s High School Romance in Moment of 18

Actress Kim Hyang-gi and new debuted actor Ong Seong-woo played the leading roles in the high school romance drama titled Moment of Eighteen. At Eighteen, or also known as Moment of Eighteen, is a South Korean television series aired from July 22nd to September 10th, 2019, on the South Korean broadcast television JTBC. The series marks Ong Seong-woo’s official acting debut.

The drama series tells a story about a lonely eighteen years old Choi Joon-woo (Ong Seong-wu) who cannot express his emotions, but he has a cute personality. When he transfers to a new school, he meets Yoo Soo-bin (Kim Hyang-gi) who is a top student at the school but her life is controlled by her mother and Ma Whi-young (Shin Seung-ho), a timid 18-year-old boy. They have to experience conflicts and whirlwind emotions and face the prejudices of their world formed by adults around them. Together, they have to live their eighteen-year-old lives to the fullest and make life-changing decisions.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with updates on Ong Seong-woo and Kim Hyang-gi’s high school romance in Moment of 18! So, stay tuned!

Ong Seong-woo and Kim Hyang-gi’s Romantic Moments in Moment of 18

In this drama, Ong Seong-wu acted as Choi Joon-woo who is a student of Class 2-3 who has gotten used to being lonely and not good at expressing his emotions. He is forced to transfer to Cheonbong High School for a violation he did not commit. In his new school, he decided to be a nobody and a loner. However, as he adapts to the new environment, he gets closer to his classmates and has a crush on a top student, Yoo Soo-bin.

The youth drama Moment of Eighteen has a cute love story between Choi Joon-woo and Yoo Soo-bin. Yoo Soo-bin has feelings for Choi Joon-woo. However, even though his feelings for her are unclear, he always cares about her.

There are many romantic scenes between Choi Joon-woo and Yoo Soo-bin that can make the audience excited. As in the video above, Jon-woo keeps a handkerchief and folds it neatly. Even though he actually doesn’t have an iron.

In one episode of Moment of 18, Soo-bin suddenly falls down during the test in the class. Joon-woo helps her and carries her to the health room. Joon-woo is worried that it will affect Soo-bin’s exam so he asks the teacher if she can do it in the health room, but he does not even ask and care about his own exam.

In episode 5, viewers were surprised by the ending scene of the drama Moment of 18. Choi Joon-woo and Yoo Soo-bin have a fight and they are trying to somehow reconcile at the end of class. Yoo Soo-bin is upset by Choi Joon-woo’s question when the last time he asked her out of anger: “Why are you acting like this with me? Because you pity me?” She suddenly said: “It is because I like you!! What are you… going to do now?” Choi Joon-woo, who was on his bike, got a shock. His legs came loose and he lost the brake. Dragged by his bike, he just goes down the hill to Yoo Soo-bin’s surprise.

Soo-bin wants to see Joon-woo on his birthday. Joon-woo thanks Soo-bin for her gift and offers to walk her home. Soo-bin wants to see him open it but Joon-woo reminds her that she promised that she wouldn’t visit his place again and he takes her unopened present inside. Joon-woo guides the disappointed Soo-bin down the stairs until she stops and tells him that even though she’s afraid, she still risked everything to see him on his birthday. When Joon-woo repeats that he will take Soo-bin home, she decides to get home on her own.

Joon-woo tries to explain his dilemma to Soo-bin, “Do you know how much I’m holding back and enduring this situation right now?” Soo-bin throws her arms around Joon-woo’s neck but when he does not hug her back, she pulls away. Joon-woo tells Soo-bin, “I’m sorry,” and then he takes her face in his hands and kisses her.

Off-screen Moments

JTBC has shared some behind the scene cuts of cast members of Moments of 18. The behind the scenes pictures and video show the cast’s fresh and innocent charms.

It looks like the cast members have already become super chummy with each other.

At a press conference of Moment of 18, the cast of the drama showed up with dazzling appearances and amazing visuals. The male actors look handsome in suits while the female lead actress, Kim Hyang-gi looks so pretty in a white dress.

JTBC’s has also revealed still cuts of Moment of 18’s cast and crew first-script reading site.