The Story of Seo-hyun: From The Youngest Member of SNSD into an Actress

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In August 2019, at Tiffany Young’s solo concert ‘Tiffany Young Open Hearts Eve’. Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany shared the stage together for a remix of Girls’ Generation’s debut track, “Into the New World”.

They got support for making the SNSD full group come together again. They were not denying, but responded, “These days, we get together and talk a lot. We meet up often, so we’ll take photos together and give it to you as gifts.” Tiffany then added, “With my personality, it has to come out well. You know that right? We’ll try to discuss it well. Fighting.”

Seohyun was saying, “It feels like you’ve arrived from overseas to perform like Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera. Come to Korea often,” and Sooyoung said, “I went to Los Angeles to see a concert, and it was really impressive.

Let’s see how it goes. Will Girls’ Generation release a new song in 2020? For now, keep rooting for Seohyun’s career, especially in her curious path in acting. We support you Seohyun! That’s all about Seohyun starting career in entertainment and now. Which one do you feel surprise? Let us know in the comments below!