Seo Ye-ji’s Transformation Since Pre-Debut, Has She Undergone Plastic Surgery?

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Let’s See How Seo Ye-ji Aged Like Fine Wine

Asian don’t raisin. That is the right phrase to define the actress that we’re going to talk about in this article. It’s not that she is old despite her young looks. But, as she grows older, she becomes more stunning and beautiful. It’s just like what people say, she really does age like fine wine.

Who is the girl that we’re talking about? It’s Seo Ye-ji!

Yep, Seo Ye-ji! You may have seen one or more of her dramas. She is gaining much popularity after starring in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay which you can find on Netflix. In the drama, her character has a romance with Kim Soo-hyun’s character. The great quality of the drama, her acting, and the nice wardrobe of Seo Ye-ji’s character helped lead to her increased fame.

Now you must be wondering, what did Seo Ye-ji look like before her name grew bigger after acting in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay? Since Korea’s entertainment industry is known for its plastic surgery, has she undergone plastic surgery, too? Well, before you start to judge, let us take you to the transformation of Seo Ye-ji from before she debuted until now!

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Seo Ye-ji’s Pre-Debut

Seo Ye-ji is one of the beauty icons of K-drama. Before she became the person that we know on screen, she was just a little girl from Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. As a child, Seo Ye-ji lived with her parents and her older sister. She is the youngest child in her family. Seo Ye-ji was born on April 6, 1990.

When Seo Ye-ji’s mother was pregnant with Seo Ye-ji, she liked to smell flowers. So, there were a lot of flowers in her house. It is no wonder that Seo Ye-ji grew up beautifully, as pretty as flowers.

Seo Ye-ji was born to a mother who was a flight attendant. Just like a typical flight attendant, her mother has a slim body. Seo Ye-ji’s sister is also a flight attendant. Then again, the good genes run in the family. If you see Seo Ye-ji’s slim figure, you can say that she might be a flight attendant if she wasn’t an actress.

When Seo Ye-ji was younger, she was always interested in Spain. That’s why she learned Spanish for over 3 years. She also wanted to study in Spain. After she graduated from high school, she actually went to Spain, but she didn’t go to study or live abroad. Other than that, Seo Ye-ji had a dream to be a TV announcer.

However, Seo Ye-ji then met a CEO of an agency and caught their attention. Before actually joining TV to be an announcer, Seo Ye-ji was recruited to join an agency to be a talent. She didn’t want to do it at first, but the CEO asked her to try it out first for at least 3 months. Then, she finally agreed.

Seo Ye-ji’s first work landed in 2013. Let’s check out more about her works and her transformation in the sections below!

Seo Ye-ji’s Transformation: From Modeling to K-Drama

Seo Ye-ji’s natural beauty and her good proportional figure attract a lot of people. It is no wonder that a CEO of an entertainment agency asked her to be an actress, Seo Ye-ji looks like she was born to be one. Other than becoming an actress for K-dramas, she also became a model for some advertisings.

Check out Seo Ye-ji’s transformation from when she became a model to starring in dramas and movies!

Seo Ye-ji’s Model Transformation

In 2013, the first year of Seo Ye-ji’s career in the entertainment industry, she was able to gain attention from audiences. Her debut year was a big success. Seo Ye-ji became a model for some brands including Samsung, SK Telecom, Yuhan-Kimberly, Ivy Club, etc. She also paired with EXO-K members.

Let’s take a look at some of Seo Ye-ji’s works as a model!

With her perfect body figure, she suits her role as a model, right? Not to mention, her pretty smile and her eye-smile make her even cuter. Seo Ye-ji is really something!

Seo Ye-ji’s Drama Transformations

Now, it’s time to see the transformation of Seo Ye-ji from when she stars in dramas. She started from a small role in a sitcom, but then she became the main lead of a popular drama after some years. Seo Ye-ji also won Actress of the Year after she starred as Ko Moonyoung.

Let’s check out Seo Ye-ji’s drama transformation over time!

Seo Ye-ji in POTATO STAR 2013 QR3

This is the first drama debut of Seo Ye-ji. Even though Potato Star 2013 QR3 looks like a drama, it’s actually a sitcom. The duration of each episode is less than the usual dramas that we watch. The plot of the story is also slight and hilarious. There are 120 episodes of Potato Star 2013 QR3.

The story is about a boy who is a programmer named Hong Hye-sung. He has a dream to be just like Mark Zuckerberg for Korea. There is also an asteroid that crashes into the earth and caused people to panic. The story also tells about some activities of the No family and their neighbors during that time.

Seo Ye-ji portrays No Soo-young, a daughter of the No family. Let’s check out some clips of Seo Ye-ji in Potato Star 2013 QR3!

Seo Ye-ji in Super Daddy Yeol

After succeeding in portraying her role in Potato Star 2013 QR3, Seo Ye-ji starred in another drama called Super Daddy Yeol. This drama aired in 2015. Super Daddy Yeol tells a story about a man named Han Yeol who was living recklessly as a single man. He was an athlete, but he had an injury that made him retire and become a coach instead.

Yeol met his ex-girlfriend, Mirae, who secretly has a disease. She cannot live long despite having a child and living as a single parent this whole time. She contacted Yeol and asked him to be the dad of her daughter. Although, she wasn’t sure at first because Yeol was far from the word “dad.”

There is also Hwang Ji-hye, a girl who is a doctor from the rehabilitation center who has a big crush on Yeol. Hwang Ji-hye is portrayed by Seo Ye-ji. Even when Seo Ye-ji was young, she already showed us her great acting skills, right?

Seo Ye-ji in Save Me

In 2017, Seo Ye-ji acted in another drama called Save Me. Well, from the name of the drama, you can probably guess that this is a thriller drama. The story tells about a girl named Sangmi who moves to the countryside. She has a twin brother named Sangjin. Both Sangmi and Sangjin transfer to a school there, too, but they start being bullied by some students there.

Sangmi’s father is involved with a mysterious cult. Her parents give all of their belongings to the cult that claims to be a religion. Since they no longer have a house, Sangmi and her family live in the cult’s place. She is trapped there and can only worship the Baek Jung-ki, a man who claims to be a god.

Seo Ye-ji proved herself as a great actress here. This might be not her first time to star in a drama with a big role, but Seo Ye-ji portrayed Sangmi really well. She also went to the countryside to be used in the set 3 weeks before filming so that she could relate to her role and understand how it feels to be isolated just like Sangmi.

What do you think about Seo Ye-ji’s role here? Not only able to portray a hilarious girl, but she can also act as a serious one too, right?

Seo Ye-ji in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This is a drama which made her gain a lot of popularity. Seo Ye-ji portrayed Ko Moon-young, a children’s book writer who has an antisocial personality disorder. She is in love with Moon Kang-tae, although the way she expresses her love is quite different. Although she has an eccentric personality, she tries to learn more about herself and how to deal with the trauma that she had.

Ko Moon-young is also involved with Moon’s brothers and the other patients in the psychiatric ward. They start to learn to deal with themselves and fix their relationships with others, too.

Ko Moon-young’s wild personality made Seo Ye-ji’s acting earn applause. Her fashion during each episode also stole the attention of the viewers. What do you think about Seo Ye-ji’s acting as Ko Moon-young? She has nailed every type of character, right?

Seo Ye-ji’s Movie Transformations

Not only does Seo Ye-ji perform in dramas, but she also acts in movies. Seo Ye-ji’s first movie was when she acted in The Throne in 2015. After that, she got a lot of movie offers. Let’s check out Seo Ye-ji’s movie transformations below!

Seo Ye-ji in Warning: Do Not Play

Seo Ye-ji starred in a horror movie in 2019. After the success of Save Me, Seo Ye-ji got another role as someone who is haunted and thrilled by mysterious cases around her. The character Sangmi is haunted by a cult, and Mijung, the director of a thriller and horror movie, is haunted, too.

It was because of curiosity about a forbidden horror movie that got banned. Mijung tries to get to know the movie by searching for it. People around her tell her to give up and don’t get involved with the movie, but Mijung doesn’t care. She’s still obsessed with the movie until it finally leads her to mysterious scenes which happen around her.

What do you think about Seo Ye-ji’s acting skills in Warning: Do Not Play? She really nailed the role, right?

Seo Ye-ji in By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Adventure

Another movie starring Seo Ye-ji in 2019 is By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Adventure. It tells a story about a man named Chanwoo. He is the owner of a nightclub, and he believes in quantum physics. One day, he finds out that there are celebrities involved in drugs and other illegal business in his nightclub.

With the help of Sung Eun-young and Park Ki-hoon, Chanwoo tries to solve the problem. The deeper he digs, the more he knows that the problem is much bigger than it seems.

Seo Ye-ji portrayed Sung Eun-young in this movie. What do you think about Seo Ye-ji’s role this time? Once again, she’s stunning as always, right?