Find Out More About Seo Ye-ji’s Boyfriend, Dating Rumor Until Scandals On Her Love Life

Seo Ye-ji’s Ex-Boyfriend

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Seo Ye-ji also often appears as an actress in K-drama movies, and she also often plays characters with famous actors in South Korea. For example, TVXQ’s Yunho acted alongside her in the K-drama Diary of a Night Watchman (2014), and the caused of Seo Ye-ji’s dating rumor with Kim Soo-hyun who acted with her in the K-drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020). Even the CEO of her own agency, Gold Medalist, who is also the cousin of actor Kim Soo-hyun who is her co-star in her latest drama, was reportedly in a relationship with Seo Ye-ji in the past.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

So, who are the actors or celebrities who actually had a romance with Seo Ye-ji? Initially, Dispatch appeared to share photos of Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye who they said were dating. Now, the media mentions the actor’s ex-girlfriend. Go Moon-young’s role in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Seo Ye-ji, is referred to as his ex-girlfriend. Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji had starred in the same movie titled Stay With Me in early 2018.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

During her relationship with Kim Jung-hyun in the past, Seo Ye-ji was said to forbid her lover from doing intimate scenes with his co-stars in dramas. Kim Jung-hyun also agreed and asked that there be no romantic scenes between him and Seohyun during the filming of Time.

Seo Ye-ji’s Scandals About Her Love Life

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Dispatch claimed Seo Ye-ji was the mastermind behind Kim Jung-hyun’s abusive behavior towards Seohyun on the set of the drama Time. The well-known media also released their conversation via text as evidence.

As previously reported, the staff of the 2018 drama Time revealed new details regarding Kim Jung-hyun’s sudden departure. While the story supports that “there was a definite reason” for his sudden leave, a new report from a different staff member shed light on the matter.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

On April 12, 2020, Dispatch revealed a series of text messages between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun. It was reported that the two were dating. Dispatch said Seo Ye-ji was the mastermind behind his violent actions against Seohyun. The media also criticized Kim Jung-hyun for being unprofessional because of his personal love life.

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The following is the translations of their text messages:

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Regarding this report, Seo Ye-ji’s agency Gold Medalist stated that they are trying to verify the details. “We are investigating this,” said the agency representative.

Kim Jung-hyun’s agency O& Entertainment stated they knew nothing about the Dispatch report. Currently, O& Entertainment is in a contract dispute with Kim Jung-hyun. “We don’t know anything about this. We have nothing to say,” said the agency.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji starred in the movie titled Remembering First Love, also known as Stay With Me, in 2018. In the film, the two play a sweet couple.

In the released text message, Seo Ye-ji forbade Kim Jung-hyun form having physical contact with Seohyun. This made Kim Jung-hyun ask for many scene changes in the script, causing the writer and crew a lot of trouble.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Following the text message controversy that was revealed, netizens looked back on Seo Ye-ji’s past comments about her dating style. The interview comes from the 2015 tvN variety show Super Daddy.

During the show, Seo Yeji revealed that many acquaintances asked her to date. At that time she commented, “I‘m the type of girl who is quiet and cold when in a relationship.” The drama star of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay added, “When I hug someone, it seems like I’m going to strangle them. I think I have to meet them a few times before they look gentle.”

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Previously, Dispatch published a report showing a comparison between the drama’s original script and the version used in the broadcast, explaining that 13 scenes including physical contact between the main characters were changed or removed. The media outlet further reported that Kim Jung-hyun had received orders to do so from Seo Ye-ji who was his girlfriend at the time.

Dispatch explained that they had received a tip about Kim Jung-hyun’s behavior three years ago and were able to get the text messages shared between Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji. Following the recent issues surrounding Kim Jung-hyun, Dispatch verified the authenticity of the messages through various sources and concluded that the messages were real.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Following the Dispatch report, on April 13, 2021, Seo Ye-ji’s agency released an official statement. Gold Medalist as the agency for the Save Me actress announced the facts they had confirmed from the parties involved.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

“Hello, this is Gold Medalist Co., Ltd. This is an official statement regarding the latest reports regarding our agency actor, Seo Ye-ji. First of all, we apologize for taking so long to release an official statement,” the agency said.

“After checking with Kim Jung-hyun’s side, we received clear confirmation that the controversy regarding the drama did not occur because of Seo Ye-ji, and she expressed her intention to release her own statement regarding this matter. However, she revealed that it will take some time for the statement to be released due to the various issues involved.

As the controversy continues to escalate, we were told that it would be okay for us to release our statement first, so we are releasing our statement now. We once again apologize for the delay in releasing a statement.”

The agency then continued, “In addition, we sincerely bow our heads to apologize for the absence of the press conference for the film Recalled today, which caused harm to the staff and other movie actors as well as reporters. We express our separate statement from Kim Jung-hyun.

It is logically difficult to accept controversial reports that the drama’s lead actress will act exactly as told by others without her own will. It is realistically impossible for an actress to act and participate in filmmaking without her own will.

It was not shown in the conversation that was revealed, but Kim Jung-hyun also asked Seo Ye-ji, who was filming a different drama, not to film the kiss scene. Seo Ye-ji also told him, ‘Then don’t do that either,’ between lovers’ conversations showing jealousy about each other’s physical contact with other people,” the agency said.

“This can be seen as a common fight between actors who are dating. However, all the actors filmed normally, putting aside their bickering with their partners. Kim Jung-hyun must have had personal problems that couldn’t be avoided. In addition, the report contains private conversations between individuals that should not have been made public, and a major misunderstanding appears to have occurred had it not been considered,” the agency’s defense read.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

In addition to revealing the facts that they managed to confirm, the agency also answered several public questions regarding Seo Ye-ji, one of which was that the actress’ education in Spain was in doubt. The agency also conveyed their apologies about that.

“In the end, we deeply reflect on causing concern to many people due to immature feelings about love. We also receive a lot of questions about Seo Ye-ji’s education, so we wanted to take this opportunity to share the facts.”

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

“Seo Ye-ji has been accepted at the Complutense University of Madrid in Madrid, but after starting her activities in Korea, she is unable to enter university normally,” the agency said.

“In addition, regarding the allegations of school violence that have also surfaced, we inform you that it is completely untrue. We once again apologize for the trouble caused,” concluded the agency’s statement.

Seo Ye-ji’s Recent Relationship

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Through her success in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Seo Ye-ji’s popularity and recognition soared overnight. This put her front and center for many brands including health products, fashion, jewelry, online games, and more.

However, she was in a bad position as more of her ads were removed. An advertising representative for a fashion brand reported to the media that Seo Ye-ji was chosen because of her positive qualities as a model, but her image deteriorated in an instant.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Health and beauty supplement brand Innerflora removed all ads featuring actress Seo Ye-ji. This is the result of the intense news about the actress regarding her role in Kim Jung-hyun’s bad behavior during the filming of Time a few years ago.

Innerflora removed all traces of Seo Ye-ji from their social pages and homepage. The brand doesn’t seem to want the public to remember that Seo Ye-ji was their advertising model.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Several advertising companies started cutting ties with Seo Ye-ji following the recent scandal involving her. New Origin, a health and lifestyle brand, removed all Seo Ye-ji ads for Innerflora. Her photos were also removed from the official website of AER, the mask brand. Cosmetics brand AK Beauty LUNA also removed Seo Ye-ji’s eye shadow image from their advertisement.

According to the advertising industry, Seo Ye-ji’s fine will amount to 2 billion won to 3 billion won depending on the contract considering her fee as a model is 500 million won to 1 billion won.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

Following the recent controversy, Seo Ye-ji is reportedly leaving the upcoming Korean drama Island. The actress who speaks fluent Spanish also refused to attend a press conference to promote her new film Recalled.

It was previously reported that not only was Seo Ye-ji allegedly controlling her boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, causing him to act negatively towards staff and actors on the set of the drama Time in 2018, but accusations of harassment and bullying at school have also resurfaced.

seo ye ji dating rumor boyfriend

As a result of being involved in a scandal and many controversies, Seo Ye-ji has not appeared in public and is not in any relationship at this time, let alone related to romantic relationships like the previous ones that she may have had.

Well, that is all for the information about Seo Ye-ji’s stories about her relationship in the past that caused a huge scandal with Kim Jung-hyun. Many do not think that Seo Ye-ji is a very different person from the usual image that most people know about her, but for better or for worse, let’s give Seo Ye-ji a chance to change her life for the better and learn from her previous mistakes. Let’s hope that Seo Ye-ji will return as an actress and continue her career in the entertainment industry as soon as possible!

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