Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Rumor: Never Discussed Publicly, Why Not?


Seo Woo’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

Plastic surgery is integrated into daily life in South Korea. There are a myriad of advertisements in subway stations, buses, and streets. Parents often “gift” their children some form of surgery after they finish their national college entrance exams or when they become legal adults. Some job applicants go under the knife to improve their chance at finding jobs.

Some actors and actresses in South Korea, having plastic surgery to make their appearances looks better. But, for who they did not under the knife to become celebrity, there are also rumors about them undergo plastic surgery, Seo Woo is one of them. Seo Woo is one of the celebrities that people can confidently claim has gone through many plastic surgery procedures.

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First of all, people are convinced that Seo Woo has undergone eye surgery. Eye plastic surgery is a favorite in Korea. After all, almost all Koreans have small and monolid eyes. Therefore, they often wish to have bigger eyes with double eyelids.

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Second, people are convinced that Seo Woo has done something with her nose. Based on the picture on the left, it seems like Seo Woo’s nose was a little bigger originally. In the picture on the right, it seems like her nose is now smaller and more pointed.

These are just some examples of what people think Seo Woo has done with plastic surgery. There are many others like cheek fillers, lip fillers, and breast implants.

However, the public cannot really get a confirmation for their suspicions because Seo Woo has never addressed this issue openly. There are some celebrities who admit to having plastic surgery, and it is not something to be ashamed of. After all, Korea is a country where many believed plastic surgery is a great choice. Many assume that maybe she is just not confident and comfortable enough to admit that she has changed her appearance, but until she confesses, people can only speculate.

Now that Seo Woo’s plastic surgery issue has been talked about, it is time to get to know Seo Woo more through her works as a successful actress.

Seo Woo’s Drama and Movie List

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Seo Woo’s Drama List

Year Title Role
2007 Kimchi Cheese Smile Seo Woo
2009 Tamra, the Island Jang Beo-jin
2010 Cinderella’s Sister Goo Hyo-sun
Flames of Desire Baek Soo-bin / Baek In-ki
2011 If Tomorrow Comes Yoon Eun-chae
2012 Knock Jung Hwa
Glass Mask Kang Yi-kyung / Seo Jung-ha
2013 The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek-hyang Seol Hee
2015 Late Night Restaurant Doctor Hyo Jin

Seo Woo’s Movie List

Year Title Role
2007 My Son Yeo Il
2008 A School Rep. Sun Ah
Crush and Blush Seo Jong-hee
2009 Handphone Jung Yi-gyu’s sister
Paju Choi Eun-mo
2010 The Housemaid Hae Ra