Look at Seo Kang-joon and Other Handsome Actors’ Appearances on ‘Running Man’!


Meet Handsome Actor Seo Kang-joon

His milky white skin, brown eyes and his plump lips made his gaze more charismatic. Seo Kang-jun, as the flower boy of the new generation, showed his manly action on the variety program Running Man. Seeing him running on a mission made the audience fall in love with him even more. Not only is he one handsome actor, Seo Kang-joon also brought a whole group of charismatic actors to this episode of Running Man. Who are they? Check this out!

Flower Team vs. Running Man


As a rookie actor at the time, Seo Kang-joon had the title as being the new icon of flower boys. However, he was also of the hottest men of 2015. He’s a member of 5urprise, a versatile group of 5 actors. He began his career as a leading actor in 2014, in the romantic comedy drama Cunning Single Lady. Running Man is his second variety show after doing Roommate in 2014 made him admit that he was quite worried.

On the 230th episode of the show, Seo Kang-joon, whose popularity rose after the KBS drama What’s With My Family, brought a group of handsome and charismatic rookie actors to Running Man. The group included Nam Joo-hyuk, Hong Jong-hyun, Seo Ha-joon, and Choi Tae-joon. This group of flower boys was lead by Lee Kwang-soo, which, of course, got complaints from the rest of the Running Man members. Song Ji-hyo, as the only female cast, was a bit flustered around them, and even the show’s writers were excited. Their arrival left Gary and Haha feeling a little insecure about their own appearances because the actors’ looks were too perfect for anyone to stand next to.

It was a special winter episode, called Investigating the Life of Male Students. They would all complete a variety of missions that were crucial to the lives of male students, to earn the clues to help them correctly answer the questions during the final mission.


The group was divided into two teams, the Running Man team, consisting of Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-jin, Song Ji-hyo, Gary, and Haha were the senior team. While Lee Kwang-soo who led the Flower Boys team, as a junior team.

The first mission was to figure out what to figure out the correct answer for a question from a list of the top ten answers by teenagers. Seo Kang-joon mentioned that he once had a crush in high school, but didn’t end up dating her because he couldn’t make a confession. It was different for Kwang-soo, who, despite expressing his love, didn’t get a happy ending.

The first set is on the pool, and there was mats on the water. The mission is a water relay race. That was not only for a physical test but it’s also to test their sense of balance. One member from each team will run on the mat towards the platform in the middle. Once on the mat, they can push their opponents off into the water. And the team with the most members remaining on the mat, in the end, will win. But because their first opponent is Kim Jong-kook they can’t survive on that platform. A humiliating by Kim Jong-kook because none of them succeeded. But after several times being able to beat the senior team, they lost with a score of 3: 2.


Their second mission was a relay race since Running Man must have a mission that requires them to run. Located in Suncheon Lake Park, the relay would be divided into six parts, but the final runners would have to run to the mission zone up at the top. Despite showing their manly running abilities, an unexpected game at the top made Flower Boy Team lose again to Running Man Team.

There was one last mission before the final mission, which involved a small room holding a total of 10,000 notes containing surveyed answers, there was one special clue that was hidden among the notes. The one that found the note that was chosen as the Lucky Eraser Chance would win the challenge. The junior (Flower Boy) team managed to find the erasure note in only 30 seconds, which was pretty amazing considering it was a one in 10,000 probability.

For the final mission, the teams had to find seven hidden beach balls with the possible answers written on them. After they find one of the balls, they had to score with it at one of the two goal posts. Nam Joo-hyuk found one of the beach balls immediately, but Choi Tae-joon was eliminated by making a goal with an incorrect-answer ball. The junior team showed rapid progress in finding the balls, but then Nam Joo-hyuk put in a ball that they thought was right, and it turned out to be incorrect. Jong-hyun found, and scored with, the last correct ball. In the end, Flower Boy team won by correctly guessing the feelings of teen-aged girls, and all the team member were given a gold ring as a victory prize.


It was an exciting journey for both teams. The Flower Boys team got to show a different side of their personalities by playing on the show, and the actors who look so full of charisma on the screen turned out to have a fun side of them. Don’t miss the excitement they created in this episode of Running Man.