Get to Know More About ‘Stay in Me’ Singer Seo Ji-young: From Her Profile to Her Latest Scandal

Seo Ji-young

Who is Seo Ji-young?

Have you heard about S#arp’s member Seo Ji-young? If you haven’t heard of her, this is your perfect chance to learn more about her. S#arp is a mixed-gender vocal group who made their debut in 1998 and have been active even when S.E.S, Fin.K.L, Shinhwa, and g.o.d took the lead in the music scene. In the beginning, the group had five members, but they underwent member change twice and eventually made their appearance with only four members. The group only lasted for four years because of a scandal between Seo Ji-young and fellow member Lee Ji-hye.

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Seo Ji-young’s Profile

S#arp's Seo Ji-young

Seo Ji-young is a singer and an actress who was a member of the mixed-gender group S#arp. After the group disbanded in 2002, she continued her career as a solo artist and released two albums in total, Listen to My Heart in 2005 and Different This Time in 2007. She also released a number of singles, including “Stay in Me,” and “Hey Boy”. Additionally, in 2004, she appeared in the KBS television series I’m Sorry, I Love You as one of the main characters. Her second drama appearance is in the SBS television series Daring Women, which was aired in 2010. She also made appearances in variety shows, such as X-Man, Real Romance: Love Letter, and Intimate Note. Later, in November 2011, she married financier Kim Kyung-gu, who is five years her senior. She’s considered as one of the main reasons why S#arp disbanded.

Bullying Scandal

Seo Ji-young and Lee Ji-hye in Intimate Note

Do you know about T-Ara’s bullying scandal? If you know about it, after reading further in this article you may think that T-Ara’s bullying scandal is nothing compared to this.

Seo Ji-young is known to come from a rich family, who has a huge influence in the entertainment industry. Her father is said to have spent a lot of money just to set up a company in order to make his daughter’s debut in a co-ed group, which later becomes known as S#arp. Under the production of Roo’ra’s Lee Sang-min, the group did extremely well and became famous. While they were at the peak of their popularity, the company recruited Lee Ji-hye as the main vocalist through auditions. This made Seo Ji-young envious of Lee Ji-hye and she ended up bullying her as a result of her jealousy.

Seo Ji-young and Lee Ji-hye

Seo Ji-young made use of many kinds of abuses in her endeavor to bully Lee Ji-hye. Seo Ji-young who was dating Ryu Shi-won at that time made her boyfriend go to Lee Ji-hye just to slap her and threaten her. She even asked her mother to find Lee Ji-hye at a broadcast hall and pull her hair for no reason. Lee Ji-hye suffered from this abuse for years, but her bullying didn’t stop there. Seo Ji-young even demanded the company to kick Lee Ji-hye out of the group, but it got rejected because the group was already very popular at the time. Because of their refusal, Seo Ji-young abused Lee Ji-hye even more, until it went out of control and lead to the group disbandment. She threw a verbal abuse at Lee Ji-hye on a KBS radio show, which made the latter angry and unable to control herself. It looks like she reported this incident to her mother, as her mother went to the broadcasting hall the next day and physically assaulted Lee Ji-hye again.

Seo Ji-young Visiting Lee Ji-hye in Hospital

Before the media could figure out anything about the incident, the company decided to disband S#arp. Seo Ji-young even made a press conference and paid her manager to make her look like she is the victim in this case, but the manager refused to follow through and told the truth instead. Even when the two reunited in Intimate Note, she still tried to show that she’s the victim, while Lee Ji-hye actually tried to make amends with her. Her hatred toward Lee Ji-hye could still be seen when Lee Ji-hye was hospitalized due to overworking while promoting her songs. Seo Ji-young visited her in the hospital while bringing chrysanthemum flowers, which in Korean culture are only used for funerals.

S#arp's Reunion

Right now, it seems that they have made up and tried to forget everything that has happened in the past. We can see that their relationship has gotten better from Lee Ji-hye’s post on social media, where they took a photo together when reunited with former members of S#arp. We were also able to see a post of the two of them taking a photo together on social media. Even though they managed to make amends, people reacted to this negatively, feeling that what Seo Ji-young did to Lee Ji-hye in the past was too cruel. They also said that Lee Ji-hye was too kind for forgiving Seo Ji-young after what she did to her.

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