Get Ready for Seo In-guk Showing Off His Sexy Abs for a Magazine Photoshoot and Drama!

Seo In Guk

Seo In-guk’s Sexy Abs

Seo In-guk made women scream hysterically after displaying his abs for the magazine Men’s Health. With his role as a security guard in Master’s Sun and a swimmer in No Breathing, Seo In-guk must have worked hard to get his muscles.


In the drama Master’s Sun, In-guk plays as Kang Woo, the head of the shopping department’s security department. The shopping mall is owned by Joong-won, played by Seo Ji-sub.


There is a scene where Kang-woo is curious because there is a woman who fell asleep on the roof. When Kang-woo peeked from behind the sheets and gave a gesture by waving his hand, Gong-shil, the woman, thought that he was a ghost. And, that’s when they met each other.


Meanwhile, the film No Breathing tells the story of a swimmer duo (Jong-suk and In-guk) who both have big dreams and want to achieve them. Meanwhile, Yuri appeared as Jung-eun, the girl who dreamed of becoming a famous musician.