What Happened During Seo In-guk’s Military Service?

Seo In-guk’s Apology


In 2018, actor Seo In-guk returned to acting and made a comeback with his appearance in the drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. On September 28th, 2018, the drama production party had just held its inaugural press conference with a row of actors and actresses starring in the drama.

When he was about to introduce the character he played, Seo In-guk first apologized for the controversy over conscription that occurred to him in 2017. Seo In-guk apologized in public while standing up.

At that time Seo In-guk was reported to have known about his health condition which could free him from his mandatory military service. But he still entered the military in 2017 and medical re-examination discovered the condition of Seo In-guk.

Finally, Seo In-guk was relieved of his mandatory military duty. But Seo In-guk has drawn criticism when it was rumored that he was aware of this disease since 2015 but never underwent treatment.


At that time, Jellyfish Entertainment as Seo In-guk’s agency denied the news and apologized for causing concern. Now when he appears again in front of the public with a new acting project and expresses an apology, Seo In-guk is increasingly criticized.

“Actually, I saw his image in a positive way until I found out he could do the shooting process into the evening but could not do military service,” commented the netters. “Really shameless,” commented another netter. “Celebrities, people who suddenly get sick when it’s time to enter the military,” criticized a netter. “What he needs to do is to work for two years (in the military) and instead he chooses to be hated for life,” wrote the netters.

Previously, the military announced an official statement that Seo In-guk actually knew that he was injured in June 2017. But Seo In-guk stopped treatment and continued to shoot until the time of the military inspection. Many netizens suspect that Seo In-guk intentionally delayed treatment to be free of his obligations.


“He is the worst of the worst. He already knew his knee was injured before the military and deliberately stopped treatment so he could escape military service,” said netters annoyed. “Until now he admitted that he was still on medication so he could not go to the army, but you can do drama shoots? He can even run well on variety shows?” said another netter.

Netters were reminded of the rapper, MC Mong, who did the same controversy as Seo In-guk while he was in the military service. This controversy occurred because of the recognition of a doctor who said that MC Mong intentionally pulled out both of his teeth. Because one of the reasons someone is freed from the military is a lack of the minimum number of teeth.

“He is not much different from MC Mong.”

“Can we not see rubbish like him on TV? Every time I turn on the television, I always see these criminal faces on the screen,” said another netter.

There must be a lot of controversies and issues that happen to a celebrity in their career. As fans, many try to support and give a lot of encouragement to their idols. But on the other hand, there are those who are disappointed and shocked by the lack of responsibility on the part of the celebrity and heavily criticize their behavior. Let’s be mature fans and give as much support as we can to our beloved idols and artists!