Do You Wanna Know Seo In-guk’s Latest News and Upcoming Project?


Seo In-guk’s Latest News

K- Drama lovers, I’m 100% sure that you’re all familiar with the handsome and talented actor, Seo In-guk!

He’s an actor who was born on October 23rd, 1987, and made his acting debut through a KBS drama called Love Rain that was aired back in 2012. But do you guys also know that he actually made his first appearance as a singer? Seo In-guk competed as a contestant in the singing competition show Superstar K in 2009, and he also became the first winner!

Not only in Love Rain, he also took part in another big hit drama that aired at the same year (which I’m also sure you all have watched), Reply 1997, as Yoon Yoon-jae, along with Apink’s Eunji. In the following year, Seo In-guk also took part in the sequel of Reply 1997, titled Reply 1994, even though he only appeared in a cameo.

So far, he has played in 13 dramas. Have you watched them all? It’s been a while since he was last seen in a drama, since his last drama was Shopaholic Louis, 2 years ago. What’s the latest news about him? Let’s find out!

Seo In-guk’s Latest Drama: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Seo In-guk lovers, don’t worry, be happy because he is currently playing in a drama called The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, on TvN, as Kim Moo-young. The first episode was aired on October 3rd, 2018.

This drama is a mystery thriller, telling the story of a detective that is involved in a case revolving around the death of a high school student. The high school student’s death is suspected to be a homicide, but the killer set it up in such a way that it looked like a suicide instead. To make a long story short, the detective has a younger sister who met a man that he suspects is involved in the student’s death, but at the end, the suspected killer and the detective’s younger sister fall in love with each other.

Seo In-guk is playing the detective, and he undoubtedly fits the character with his amazing acting skill!

Parted Ways with Ex-Girlfriend

This is not-so-new news, but I’ll make sure you’re all updated. If you guys didn’t know, Seo In-guk was in a relationship with the famous actress Park Bo-ram, who is 7 years younger than he is. The news of their relationship was confirmed by both sides in December, 2017, but actually, they had been dating since 2016! In the middle of this year, sad news came from this couple. They announced that they parted ways in April of this year and both agencies confirmed their break up a month later, in May.

However, let’s wish them luck and, of course, let’s support Seo In-guk in his new drama!