Profile and Facts about Seo Hyun-jin: Social Media, Plastic Surgery, and Dating Rumors

Seo Hyun-jin’s Career

During her first year of high school, Seo Hyun-jin got scouted by the SM Entertaiment agency. Actually, she never intended to attend an audition and get chosen. What happened was that at the time she was just following her friend to the audition but eventually got cast. In 2001, she began her career as a singer in the group M.I.L.K that consisted of Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Bo-mi, Bae Yu-mi, and Park Hee-von. The group was marketed as ‘The Second S.E.S’ and became instantly popular with their debut song titled “Come to Me.” In the interview with MBC’s Entertainment Relay in 2016, Seo Hyun-jin expressed her thoughts about being in a group.

“I was young and unaware. I didn’t remember much because it was 15 years ago. The only thing I remember is feeling like I was going to school to play and not thinking of it as a job,” said Seo Hyun-jin.

In the group, Seo Hyun-jin took the position of main vocal and main dancer. Their live performances gained a lot of fame mainly due to their stable performing. After releasing their first album, the group didn’t get a lot of exposure because of the fierce competition among girl groups at the time. After Bae Yu-mi left the group in 2003, M.I.L.K disbanded even though they had already prepared for the release of their second album by the end of 2002. Seo Hyun-jin continued her education and got into Dongduk Woman’s University and majored in Practical Music and Vocals.

After M.I.L.K disbanded, Seo Hyun-jin pursued a career of a solo singer. Actually, she was preparing to perform with Girls Generation as a 10th member, but in the end, Seo Hyun-jin didn’t make it. As a solo artist, she contributed in several SMTOWN’s album projects and drama soundtracks. One of her movie soundtracks is the anime Inuyasha, where she is singing one of the tracks of the score. Here’s the soundtrack titled “Grip!

In 2006, Seo Hyun-jin performed her first musical, The Sound of Music, and her acting and singing skills were immediately recognized. When she decided to switch to acting, her parents were quite concerned because of her sudden change and even recommended her to apply for work at an Airline. To support her acting career, she moved agencies and signed with DS Entertainment. Her first acting job is in the music video of Seo Young Eun, “One Step at a Time.” After that, more offers were coming to her. Seo Hyun-jin’s first drama was Hwang Jin-Yi, where she got the role of a supporting character.

Then, she starred in the drama H.I.T and the movies Ashamed and The Duo. In 2013, Seo Hyun-jin got cast as the leading lady in the drama King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. This was her first leading role in a drama. In 2014, she got cast again for the leading role in the drama The Three Musketeers.

The year of 2015 marks Seo Hyun-jin’s career turning point. Her drama, Let’s Eat 2, drastically increases her popularity as a result of her realistic acting. The same year, she is filming the movie Goodbye Single and makes a comeback to the musical genre with the musical Cinderella. After looking at the popularity of the drama, Seo Hyun-jin’s next drama in 2016 is also a romantic-comedy, titled Another Miss Oh. The drama became a big hit due to her easily relatable character.

Her involvement in this drama brought her several awards, and as a result of this immense success, the production team gave the actress a holiday to Phuket as a present. In 2016 Seo Hyun-jin starred in the drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim alongside actors Yoo Yeon-seok and Han Suk-kyu. The drama recorded the highest rating.

In 2017, Seo Hyun-jin took a role in the drama The Temperature of Love with actor Yang Se Jong. On November 17, 2017, when Seo Hyun-jin’s contract with Jump Entertainment expired, she didn’t renew it and on January 30, 2018, she was reported moving to Management Soop, which is the agency of some very famous actors, such as Gong Yoo and and Gong Hyo Jin. Recently, Seo Hyun-jin is starring in the drama The Beauty Inside as the leading character together with actor Lee Min Ki. The drama itself has been inspired by the movie Beauty Inside, where the main character is always changing appearance daily. Seo Hyun-jin’s character is an actress that has troubles because of her changing appearance. Meanwhile, Lee Min-ki’s character is a man that can’t recognize faces. The two of them started to get to know each other and love started growing. You can watch the drama online!