Wow! Seo Ha-joon Just Admitted to the Video Controversy Surrounding Him!

Seo Ha-joon

Who is Seo Ha-joon?

Seo Ha-Joon is one of the most successful actors from South Korea. Some of the TV series that he has starred in are The Flower In Prison, Princess Aurora, My Son In Law’s Woman, etc. He has also won various awards, namely New Star Award, Best New Actor, and Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama. Such a brilliant actor, right?

However, do you guys know that Seo Ha-Joon has once been involved in a controversial video? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about Seo Ha-Joon and his confession regarding the controversy surrounding him!

Seo Ha-Joon’s Controversial Video on Twitter

Seo Ha-joon

A while ago, there was a piece of surprising news about Seo Ha-Joon, related to a controversial video that had been spread out not long ago. Unfortunately, it was a disgraceful video with a duration of about 9 minutes. How could it have happened? People must have been amazed to see the video showing Seo Ha-Joon without any clothes on, doing indecent deeds, although by himself.

That video was Seo Ha-Joon’s private video. He didn’t know how it could have spread out; he also didn’t know who the person who has spread it is. Right after the video was released, his fans went to panic mode. Some of his fans had commented, “He wasn’t doing something criminal, but it was pretty embarrassing to see,” and yet other fans of his said, “Better to admit it than to deny it.”

Seo Ha-joon

And finally, Seo Ha-Joon decided to open up about this controversy. After the shocking news had spread out, Seo Ha-Joon appeared in the TV show program “Video Star” and for the first time talked openly about the controversial video. “Everybody already knows that it was me, so I don’t have to say “it was me specifically,” I don’t want to say that it wasn’t me.”

In that program, the TV presenter asked, “Right now you are involved in a controversy. Have you been given a hard time so far?” to which Seo Ha-Joon replied, “It would be a lie if I said no.” That’s why he didn’t give an official statement or a reason to justify this controversy.

Seo Ha-Joon also explained that he wanted to write a letter of apology, but when he tried writing it, he got transfixed for a moment. He had only been capable of writing down two words and had been worrying about the letter for three days.

Seo Ha-joon

The main reason why he managed to gather the confidence to come back to the public was his fans’ support. Seo Ha-Joon was very grateful to all of his fans and said thanks to everyone who has been with him during these hard times, giving him love and support. Seo Ha-Joon even held a fan meeting after the controversy about the video had been increased, and his agency revealed that the fans weren’t just from South Korea, but also Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. During the fan meeting, Seo Ha-Joon had prepared gifts for his fans, to repay the kindness and support they had been giving him so far.

Well, no matter what happened, whether it was good news or bad news about Seo Ha-Joon, we have always to support him in every way!