From Sehun to Yeri, Learn More About SM Entertainment’s Full Of Charisma Maknae Line Throughout History

SHINee’s Taemin

shinee taemin

Taemin is also known as baby maknae, as well as his cute charm. It also made him being loved by other SHINee members, but overwhelmed them at the same time! Since he was debuting from such a young age, the other members were protecting him even more. His ‘famous’ habit toward things was either to lost it or broke it, which also made his Hyung avoided him from things!

Taemin’s dancing appearance was the most anticipated moment, especially during live performance! He could easily make people falling in love with his charm!

shinee taemin

We will never forget the Lucifer era of Taemin, especially his long hair! Taemin’s dance moves during this era also remarkable and undeniable at the same time!

shinee taemin

f(x)’s Krystal

fx krystal

Krystal was the youngest one in f(x), even though her outside look also looking even more mature. Other f(x) members definitely love her, even though Krystal used to reveal that she couldn’t comfortably get along with them due to their age differences. She has the ‘cold princess’ image to hidden her shy personality.

Born as Korean-American and went to Korea for trainee days at such a young age, the other f(x) members were taking care of Krystal very well. Even after their debut, they were still taking care of her and it was proven when Krystal also participated through Happy Camp show!

Krystal also showed her powerful charisma and it was really opposite with her position as maknae! The mixture of ‘cold’ gaze and gorgeous visual appearance, her charm was remarkable!

krystal jung

One of her best eras was Rum Pum Pum Pum. She was looking amazingly gorgeous with red hair, which also reminded us of the Little Mermaid princess character!

krystal jung

EXO’s Sehun

exo sehun

The baby maknae was a common nickname for Sehun, since he was often spoiled by other EXO members as well as being taking care of them. Sehun also confidently said that the other loves him because he was the ‘baby’ of EXO! He was often made his hyungs to carrying him on their back!

But, Sehun could be turning from a baby into the adult within a second. Since he loved all of the members, he said that he has always been prayed for them every night before he fell asleep.

There is no more ‘baby’ maknae when Sehun appearing on the stage. His fans would be lost their breath right after seeing Sehun’s amazing charisma on-stage performance!

oh sehun

EXO-Ls also agreed that Ko Ko Bop was the best era of Sehun. His style transformation was really different, but gorgeous as ever! We would never forget his light blonde-orange hair colors!

exo sehun

Red Velvet’s Yeri

red velvet yeri

Famously known as the evil maknae of Red Velvet, Yeri originally had the charm which made her group-mate couldn’t afford to get mad at her. Another Red Velvet member was taking care of her, even though Yeri was annoying yet adorable at the same time. Yeri loves to tease and disturb Red Velvet members!

When Yeri was received several negative thoughts about her being the new member in Red Velvet four-line, but they were accepting her wholeheartedly. They also loved to hugging each other through certain occasions, as well as merely fixing Yeri’s outfit when it looks slightly messy.

The evil maknae could easily be turning into a goddess within a second during stage performance! Their fans also thought that Yeri has turned from a baby girl into an adult princess!

red velvet yeri

Peek A Boo was one of the best eras from Yeri! With her wavy short hair, Yeri also looking amazingly different from her actual vibes!

red velvet yeri

NCT Dream’s Jisung

nct dream jisung

Jisung has the eternal cuteness side, which also made his hyungs find it adorable! Debuted from such a young age, Jisung was taken care of by other NCT Dream members very well. He has a shy personality and quickly getting emotional. Even though Jisung also being annoying sometimes, but they couldn’t stand to getting mad at him!

Jisung has amazing dancing skills, even it also acknowledged by other members, especially his sophisticated charisma during stage performance!

nct dream jisung

We Go Up also becoming Jisung’s best era, especially his dancing moves and rapping part of him!

That’s it for today’s topic! We could see that SM Entertainment had various maknae with their own charm, which also made us loved them even more. Let’s always supporting their career!

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