Let’s Take a Look at Cute Moments of Sehun and Female Idols


The Visual of EXO Sehun and His Adorable Interaction with Girls!

Sehun EXO has been spotted being around female idols that making fans speculated on their relationship. It was believed his charming aura couldn’t be denied to all girls, that’s why he gets to line up as visual on the group.

Find out Sehun’s interaction with other female idols on this Channel-Korea; you will see how cute they would appear to be! Stay reading!

Sehun and SNSD’s YoonA


Sehun and Yoona were appeared together arisen in April 2018. Their cute interaction has been misunderstood as a relationship couple during that time.

As seen on the paparazzi photos, these two visuals of SM Entertainment talking closely, lively, and happily. Many people assumed that they were real couples as they may seem.


However, it was revealed that the photo is not Sehun, but another actor named Ki Do-hun who is also working under their same label, SM Entertainment. Although, indeed Sehun and Yoona have a close relationship as work under the same label-mate, yet it was just like the family connection between them.

Sehun and Yoona certainly have many occasions doing jobs or daily activity together but it was just normal things happened when they have been built relationship really close as label mate hustle in very early times under SM Entertainment.

At least, their friendship has portrayed them as cute interaction with people who see them. Check Sehun and Yoona adorable moments here!

Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene


Sehun is also has a good relationship with Irene Red Velvet. Irene who is also visual on her girl group made them looking dainty together on some occasions.

Sehun and Irene have ever made photo session together for Ceci Magazine issue in February 2016. This charming duo has made the photo-shoot appeared on unbelievable chemistry. They were taking photos with school uniforms and looked cool like boy and girl crush. Do you agree?


Sehun and Irene, who also get special names from their fans as Hunrene couple have ever done a sexy and romantic shoot with Ceci Magazine. Look at below!


Moreover, these visual’s group figures are also not only doing commercial work only, but they are also supporting a social cause. Sehun and Irene made a collaboration campaign with UNICEF and Louis Vuitton to raise awareness in helping children around the world. This campaign was called “Make a Promise.” How deliberately beautiful inside and out are they!


On other occasions, Sehun and Irene also get caught looking together in Hawaii for vacation workshops from SM Entertainment. They got assumed as making this opportunity to spent time together, as some photos appeared about them walking together after doing water games. This speculation again gets diminished since not only them doing the same activity but also their other label mate. Some netizen, of course, has their research mindset, Irene, through her group official Red Velvet uploaded the same picture with Sehun did on his Instagram. So it is just a coincidence?

Yet, their moment together needs to be blessed since no doubt looking at their interaction is cute! Aren’t they?

Sehun and Gugudan’s Sejong


Sehun and Sejong Gugudan also has a numerously cute moment. This beautiful K-pop idol started their interaction on a variety show called Busted. This variety show is about finding clues and solve the mystery behind. The show has been getting huge views with its appearance in the first session of this show.


Sehun and Sejong have sent good vibes and interesting chemistry during Busted that also could see in Netflix. Come and scrolling more their cute moment below!


No doubt Sehun and Sejong made the viewers focus on them. Look at their appearance at the press meeting here.


How they could give an interesting expression here! So cool!

Sehun and Gugudan’s Mina


Sehun and Mina Gugudan likely has first interaction on the shooting of Dokgo Rewind in 2018. This moment might have made them close by each other.

As a result, Sehun and Mina are getting caught doing activities together in Seoul Fashion Week. They were get invited to see and enjoy Seoul Fashion Week and have sending interesting good friends vibe.



Sehun was spotted whispering messages to Mina on the middle watching show. Mina also responded it by listening carefully and send a laugh smile expression to him. This cute interaction could define that they were comfortable being themselves as it is.

Back to Dokdo Rewind, Sehun was played as a protagonist that his mission to break the school gang and revenge for his brother’s death, whereas Mina played as the female lead role of Kim Hyun-sun. This drama was made based on a popular webtoon series.

Sehun and Krystal


Sehun and Krystal also have a history of cute interaction. Like the same label mate in SM Entertainment on their such young age, Sehun and Krystal have nostalgic story during trainee time. Krystal has leaked the hilarious story about them to the public.


Krystal admitted that has ever convinced Sehun to buy kimbap for her and her group, f(x). Though f(x) was under the diet program, they are looking out an opportunity to snap out food because of their cravings. Krystal has been succeeding in getting Sehun, who just only 14 years old at that time, to buy the tuna kimbap, yet the f(x) manager found this immediately.


This cute story has been making the viewers shocked, yet it makes it realized that Sehun, since at a very young age, was so sincere and kind to everyone.


Sehun and Krystal have the same age friends who are born in 1994. They have some close interaction since trainees in S.M. Entertainment. That’s why their chemistry also could show well. They had ever made photoshoot together with W Libe S.M Fashionista for S.M. artists in 2012.

They also have ever done the same red style hair when Krystal in Rum Pum Pum era and Sehun in the Growl era.


Aren’t they cute?

So, which one do you like the most? No matter which one Sehun does cute interaction with, keep supporting him all the way. Put your comment and share your thoughts about Sehun and female K-idol below!