The Maknae and His Hyungdeul: Learn More About the Relationship Between Sehun and the Other EXO Members

Sehun and D.O

Next, we’re moving on to the friendship between Sehun and another member of EXO, D.O. As we know from before, EXO’s Sehun was born in 1994 and the fact that D.O was born a year earlier than the maknae, which is on January 12th, 1993, makes their friendship get deeper each day.

Let’s check out their moments below!

On January 31st, 2018, EXO’s Sehun and D.O attracted the attention of their fans and netizens. The picture of them was leaked on the internet as they were taking a purikura (a popular photo machine in Japan) making hilarious expressions.

The pictures were uploaded on one of the choreographers of SM Entertainment’s SNS on January 28th, 2018. In the photos, he is with D.O., and Sehun seems to pose together with him and put on various hilarious expressions ranging from anger to flirting. In addition, the photos were also given a touch of Photoshop features that made their expressions even funnier.

As soon as the photos of EXO’s Sehun and D.O were leaked, the fans and netizens immediately shared their various thoughts and opinions in the form of comments. Not a few claimed to be very anxious to see the expressions of Sehun and D.O. in the photos.

“D.O. My idol looks really cute,” said one netter. “Geez, this is so cute,” another netter commented. “Wow, D.O. really really wholeheartedly hahaha,” said another.

On March 1st, 2016, EXO’s Sehun was reported of making a surprise at D.O’s movie’s premiere, Pure Love!

The maknae of EXO, Sehun, has successfully touched the heart of every fan who was lucky enough to see this rare moment. EXO’s D.O. was also surprised to see Sehun come out of nowhere and pass by within two seconds just to show his support.

At the fan meeting and promotion schedule of Pure Love, which is also attended by other cast members, such as Kim So-hyun and many more, EXO’s D.O., who was standing in front of the moviegoers was surprised by the appearance of a mysterious man dressed in black in front of him, who turned out to be Sehun.

Only about two seconds, Sehun suddenly appeared before D.O and gave him a bouquet of flowers, before finally running toward the exit of the theater. D.O could not hide his expression of surprise when approached by his group mate, who was present without his knowledge.

Check out EXO’s Sehun surprise on D.O’s Pure Love event below!

This sweet surprise from Sehun immediately became a hot topic, especially among EXO fans who felt touched by the surprise of Sehun who was so sweet. Sehun even reportedly waited for D.O until the watching event ended, and the two went home together.

Not only they are the closest between each other, but Sehun and D.O also spend their free time together. An example of this is their trip to Jeju Island and their visit to New York City.


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They also got a chance to eat together in a restaurant and also ride ATV while enjoying their holiday together.

Going to the next destination, EXO’s Sehun and D.O went to the big city, Times Square in New York.

As the youngest member of the group, EXO’s Sehun has always acted like he was the big brother of D.O, even though D.O. is one year older than him. EXO’s Sehun has always seemed to be clingy with his brother.

Sehun and Suho

This is one of the interactions between the leader and the maknae of the band. EXO’s Suho, who has a real name Kim Jun-myeon (김준면), is also known as the closest member with Sehun.

On June 9th, 2018, it was reported that the drama Rich Man, Poor Woman, which is starred by EXO’s Suho had come to the final episode. The maknae of EXO, Sehun, showed his support for leader Suho by sending 6 food trucks to the location of the drama’s shooting.

Sehun also wrote funny messages on several truck banners, such as: “CEO Lee Yoo Chan (Suho’s character), I don’t know if this will be enough to satisfy you, but please eat this for just today. Sincerely, Sehun EXO.” Funny thing is, Sehun also displays a lot of ‘ugly’ photos of Suho that show how fun he is.

EXO’s Suho also uploaded photos of the 6 food trucks sent by Sehun on EXO’s official Instagram account. In the Instagram video, Suho could be seen running around happily in front of the food trucks. He also said, “Our Sehun’s level (indeed different). I love you.” He also wrote on Instagram, “EXO’s level of maknae, Sehun!!! Sehun, I love you!!!”

On December 5th, 2018, news about another member of EXO, after Xiumin and Kai, opening a personal Instagram account surfaced. The leader of EXO, Suho, introduced his Instagram account through live broadcasts with other members, which was held on Sunday.

The broadcast was opened by Sehun, which featured members in the practice room. “Hello, this is Junmyeon Instagram (Suho’s real name) hyung. Please follow him,” Sehun said as he appeared in front of the camera.

The live broadcast was about promoting EXO’s Suho new Instagram account as Baekhyun and Chanyeol responded about the leader’s newest social media account and asked their fans to follow him on Instagram.

The camera then changes to focus on Sehun after Chanyeol promises to teach him to save live broadcasts on his Instagram account. Visiting Sehun, Suho asked EXO’s youngest member to follow him.

“Oh Sehun…” Suho called. “What?” Sehun answered. “Follow me,” Suho said. “Why?” Sehun asked. “Follow me! Ah, don’t drive me crazy,” Suho exclaimed laughing. “They all already know why this is your account,” said Sehun who was unwilling to follow Suho.

“I don’t want to. I want you to follow me. I want to be the only person you follow,” Suho said. At present, Sehun doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram, including EXO members. Suho closed the broadcast a minute later.

On December 13th, 2018, EXO greeted fans through the V Live broadcast titled “Winter Night Live.” Here, besides talking about the repackage album, the members also discussed various experiences from the past.

When talking about the winter albums EXO had released before, the members also mentioned the song “First Love.” The leader Suho then revealed a funny experience related to the song.

“At the concert when my song “First Snow” hit Sehun’s head on one part of the song that read, “Words are like stupid”,” Suho said. “Sehun was just silent and his father was watching so after that, I was scolded.”

“There is one thing my father always says,” Sehun said and asked Suho to continue the story. “He (Sehun’s father) said, ‘If dongsaeng doesn’t want to listen, don’t hit it. Just pinch it.’ So when I hit Sehun, he said, ‘I told you to just pinch’,” Suho explained.

Hearing this, the fans were looking for old videos when EXO featured “First Snow.” Fans believe that the performance that Suho was referring to was when EXO performed at the SMTOWN Wonderland concert in December 2013.

On September 5th, 2017, EXO’s Suho shared about his friendship with Sehun and the funny things that they have experienced together.

EXO-L, the fandom name of EXO’s fans, must be familiar with the friendship between EXO members, Suho and Sehun. The closeness that exists between Suho and Sehun from the pre-debut until now turned out to be the second time they had shared a room for years. In Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show, Suho and Sehun got the chance to appear as guest stars.

They were also seen sharing stories about their friendship together when they were in the dorm. It is known from the short video uploaded by one of the fanbase accounts on Twitter.

After 5 years of spending time together in one room, Sehun also said that he must finally expel Suho.

“I said ‘bye bye’ to him,” Sehun said.

“We used to be roommates for 5 years but now we are no longer roommates,” Suho said.

Apparently, there was a reason why Sehun finally decided to drive Suho out of his room. That’s because one of the dorm rooms is now empty.

The room was previously occupied by one of the managers of EXO, but now one of the managers decided to no longer live there.

“There is one room in the dorm that was vacated and he (Sehun) kicked me out, Suho explained.

Because among all members only Suho and Sehun stayed in a room, while the other members had their own rooms. Finally, Sehun decided to drive Suho out of his room to occupy another empty room.

Let’s check out the friendship of EXO’s leader and maknae, Sehun and Suho below!