Is EXO’s Sehun Dating Anyone Now? Find Out More About His Rumored Girlfriend and His Ideal Type of Woman!

Who is EXO’s Oh Sehun Girlfriend?

As we already know, Sehun is the youngest member or maknae of the famous boy band in South Korea, EXO. Since his debut with EXO, Sehun has immediately become a public spotlight and has the most fans compared to other members. He does have a handsome face, white skin, and his very gentle attitude makes him very kind towards his fans.

Surely he gets a lot of love from his fans, even many of his fans or maybe some of you want to be a part of Sehun’s life, right? In several interviews he had revealed his ideal type of woman, he had even been rumored to be dating another female idol.

Who is the female idol rumored to be dating him? Check this out!

Get to Know Sehun’s Ideal Type

In an interview, he once revealed his ideal type. Sehun loves a girl who is sincerely worried about him. A girl who would care for him if he’s hurt. Physically, he likes a girl with round eyes, pale skin, and a naturally good scent; someone who looks clean and innocent.

He also said that his ideal type of woman should have a bubbly personality. As far as appearance is concerned, the ideal type is someone with pale skin, smells good, and also has round eyes. She must be clean and also innocent. He also wants his ideal girl to take care of him when he is hurt. Her ideal height would be between 167-169 cm and her weight should be around 43 kg.

However, recently Sehun revealed his most recent type of ideal woman. In an interview, he revealed his ideal type of woman. He said, “Other members often make fun of that, but I don’t care about it. Just like BaekHyun made a new fashion trend, I mean that yellow t-shirt, let’s say my newly changed ideal type is a female who puts on slippers. I do care about clothing… Yes, I care Uhm… about putting on slippers, looking sloppy – so you need to pay careful attention to clothing such as t-shirts, pants, and other things.”

Do you already qualify as Oh Sehun’s ideal type?

Oh Sehun’s Dating Rumor with Girl’s Generation’s YoonA

Sehun was rumored to be dating a girl from Girl’s Generation, namely Im YoonA. At that time, there was a photo of Sehun and Yoona spending time somewhere circulating. YoonA’s identity was guessed based on the slim figure of this female idol. The guy in the body shape and fashion style is almost 90% similar to Sehun (EXO).

Sehun likes to wear casual sportswear, a boom, wide elastic pants and especially he’s a guy who always wears a cap when going out. In the picture, the couple seems to be joking and having fun, quite different from what we can see on the stage. And the woman is similar to YoonA. Many fans are increasingly believing in these rumors because one of Sehun’s ideal types is a woman who is 4 years older than her. As we know, Sehun was born in 1994 and YoonA was born in 1990.

But Sehun quickly clarified that he had no special relationship with his senior, YoonA. Their closeness is only as a Junior and Senior.

Well, what do you think about this rumor?

A Fan Claiming She is Oh Sehun’s Girlfriend

Sehun does have a very handsome face and a very good personality. Many fans are wondering whether Sehun has a girlfriend or not, but there is one of his fans who claims that she is the girlfriend of Oh Sehun. She revealed this on her personal Instagram account.

In reply to this, Sehun posted, “Who are you? Do I really have to go this far…” with the above image posted on his Instagram. Whether the post is meant for the fans or the Facebook page is unknown, but it seems that he was really upset about the situation to post about it.

The owner of the account (nicknamed Hana) also answered one of the comments about being Sehun’s girlfriend. Hana responded with, “Well, are you crazy? Do not tell me,” and, “Live happily!”

This can not necessarily be trusted because Hana has been known to steal photos from the internet. Knowing that she was causing a stir among fans, Hana instantly uploaded “weird” photos, one of which was a snake-girl photograph.

Well, what do you think about this?