#HappySehunDay! Check Out How EXO-L Celebrated Sehun’s Birthday!

Oh Sehun

The Cold Prince Oh Sehun

Who doesn’t know the perfect visual man Oh Sehun? He is one of the members of EXO, a boy band raised under the auspices of SM Entertainment. Recently, Oh Sehun released some new singles with EXO, “Tempo” and “Love Shot.” Oh Sehun is also famously known by his ‘cold’ image that successfully made his fans go completely crazy! No wonder, Oh Sehun’s outstanding visual appearance isn’t something that can easily be denied!

As fans, celebrating their idol’s birthday must’ve been something really important! Just like Oh Sehun, who has a lot of fangirls all around the world. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the most perfect man alive, Oh Sehun, and his birthday celebration throughout the years!

Let’s Celebrate #HappySehunDay

Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun was born on April 12th, 1994. In 2019, he will turn 25 years old (international age) or 26 (Korean age). It is pretty certain that Oh Sehun will be celebrating his birthday with the other members of EXO, or with his family. And also, EXO-L (EXO’s fandom) obviously will celebrate Oh Sehun’s birthday, just like in the previous years.

On his 22nd birthday, Oh Sehun thanked all of his fans all around the world for the birthday greetings and wishes. He also shared a picture of him holding his 22nd birthday cake on his Instagram account!

Oh Sehun

Since EXO made their debut, Oh Sehun has been celebrating his birthday with the members of EXO, and they have always given him a shortcake!




And also, there’s a lot of Oh Sehun’s picture holding his birthday cake every year. Let’s check them out!

Oh Sehun


Oh Sehun's Cake


Oh Sehun's cake

For Sehun’s birthday in 2018, EXO-L gave Oh Sehun a special gift, it was a birthday greeting loaded with the New York Times’ full pages! Because of his fans’, Oh Sehun was the first K-Pop idol who was featured in that famous magazine! To make it real, EXO-L spent a lot of money. And also, the hashtag #HappySehunDay was being the worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

In 2017, EXO-L gave him a lot of expensive gifts, most of them came from internationally famous brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Nike, Adidas, and also Givenchy. Seems like EXO-L would give anything for Oh Sehun to demonstrate their support and love, right?

Oh Sehun


Oh Sehun's gift

In 2016, EXO-L from China gave him an extraordinary gift, it was a land located in Scotland, and it was titled by Lord. Such an amazing gift!

Oh Sehun

Watch one of the sweet moments where EXO-L are singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Oh Sehun at the V Chart Awards here:

Oh Sehun on Instagram!

Oh Sehun

Are you following Oh Sehun’s Instagram account? For those who don’t know yet that Oh Sehun has an Instagram account, make sure to follow him as soon as possible! His Instagram account is @oohsehun. While this article was written, Oh Sehun already had 15,4 M followers on Instagram, had already shared 585 posts, and didn’t follow any account yet.

So, here are the top 5 of the most recent posts on Oh Sehun’s Instagram account!

1. Oh Sehun in Los Angeles!

2. Oh Sehun’s vacation in Los Angeles!

3. Seems like Oh Sehun was really enjoying his vacation in Los Angeles!

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4. Cute selca from Oh Sehun!

5. Oh Sehun with his other mate from EXO, Suho!

What Is The Latest News From Oh Sehun?

Oh Sehun

Well, are you curious about the latest news from Oh Sehun? Let’s find out together! So far, during 2019, Oh Sehun is still continuing his career as a member of EXO, and has placed his focus on promoting the new EXO album, ElyXiOn Live. Oh Sehun has also revealed that he wants to have a subunit with his other mate from EXO, Chanyeol. He said that both he and Chanyeol have the same taste in music, which is why he wants to make another collaboration with Chanyeol.

Seems like it would be another great performance of Sehun and Chanyeol! Let’s patiently wait together for his new project with EXO and also Chanyeol!

Channel Korea has introduces you the #HappySehunDay and how EXO-L were celebrating EXO’s Sehun’s birthday! Share your thoughts about EXO’s Sehun’s birthday and left a comment below!