Be Ready, EXO-Ls! Here’s Photos of Sehun Abs to Make Your Day Hotter!

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EXO’s Member with Hidden Abs, Sehun!

Up until now, since the first time EXO made their debut, every time someone mentioned the word ‘abs’ in EXO, it would be mainly related to Kai. But, recently, there’s another member whose abs are starting to steal the scene! It is none other than the youngest member of EXO, Sehun. Even though we couldn’t see Sehun’s abs often in their debut days, recently, he has been exposing his abs a bit more than before. Do you want to see how great Sehun’s body is? Let’s take a look at some photos of his abs!

Showing Off Abs on Stage!

Sehun in Elyxion

When Sehun revealed his abs on stage, it sure did make the fans go crazy with this surprise. It is well-known that he revealed his abs on EXO’s concert, EXO PLANET #4 – The ElyXiOn, during his solo stage back in 2017.

At that time, the concert was held for three days from November 24th until 26th in Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. Unfortunately, the concert had to be held with eight members only, as one of their members Lay couldn’t make it because of another schedule. Although they couldn’t perform with complete members, they still managed to heat up the concert, and one way was Sehun’s solo performance on the first day of the concert.

In this performance, Sehun sang a song titled “A Go.” At first, he showed up using a red jacket together with the back dancers. But, in the middle of the performance, he took the jacket off and surprised the audience! This act, of course, made the crowd squeal and go crazy. Not only but that, this little surprise also helped him to gain more fans because of his great body figure.

In an interview for their previous concert, EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM, Sehun said that he was impressed by his fellow member, Kai’s solo stage where he showed his body figure. This inspired him and he promised to show his abs at the next concert. After dieting and working hard to make his body look great, it looks like Sehun has fulfilled his promise to the fans!

If you want to look at his performance, here is the video of his solo stage on the first day of EXO Planet #4 – The ElyXiOn:

Unfortunately, in The ElyXiOn concert that was held in Japan not long after, Sehun didn’t show his abs again just like what he did in Seoul’s concert. This brought the fans a rush of disappointment, and Sehun himself also said that he could feel the sad looks on the audience who came to the concert that day. Let’s hope that he would have another performance where he’s willing to show his body figure again! Here is another photos of his solo stage at EXO PLANET #4 – The ElyXiOn in Seoul:

Sehun in Elyxion
Sehun in Elyxion
Sehun in Elyxion

Photo Shoot

Besides showing up his abs at the concert, Sehun also showed his abs on a magazine photo shoot for a few times! One of it is his photo shoot with Leon magazine in 2018. In the photo shoot for the magazine, Sehun wore a jacket without a shirt that made him revealed his abs in the open. Not only for Leon magazine, but he also showed his abs on other magazines such as Vogue! Here are a few photos of his photo shoot in which he showed his abs.

Sehun in Leon 2018
Sehun in Leon 2018
Sehun in Leon 2018
Sehun in Leon 2018
Sehun in Vogue

What do you think about Sehun’s photo shoot? Do you think he looks sexy?



As we all know, EXO has an extremely busy schedule and they also have to keep their conditions in check. Because of this, for his workout, it seems that Sehun regularly goes to a gym to stay in shape! Not only that, there are a few members of EXO who works out just like him, so won’t it make him on fire since he has a friend to work out? Here’s a tweet of a fan account has posted in which Sehun is working out at a gym!

What do you think about Sehun’s abs? Do you think that Sehun has a great body figure? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Sehun’s abs in the comment section below!