Get To Know the Former Member of F-Ve Dolls and the Youngest Member of The SeeYa, Yeon-kyung

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

Everything You Should Know About The SeeYa’s Lead Vocalist Han Seo-in a.k.a Yeonkyung!

South Korean girl groups are known to have pretty tough competition to maintain their careers in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon for some K-pop girl groups to try their best to maintain their careers and compete with one another. How about the girl group under MBK Entertainment that debuted on November 12, 2012, The SeeYa?

In this article, we will find out about one of the members of The SeeYa, Yeonkyung, who is the youngest member of the group and also has the rare opportunity to promote in 2 different groups as a member of F-ve Dolls. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung’s full profile, fun facts, and career journey in this article below!

The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung’s Full Profile

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

Real Name: Han Seo-in (Hangul: 한서인)

Stage Name: Yeonkyung (Hangul: 연경)

Birth: Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, August 25, 1994

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 163cm (5’4″)

Weight: 48kg (105lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Lead Vocalist, Maknae


  • Sehwa Girls’ Middle School (Graduated)
  • Banpo High School (Graduated)
  • Kyunghee University (Post-Modern Music / Bachelor)
  • Kyunghee University (Practical Music / Master’s)

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The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung’s Facts

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile
  1. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung was a former Woollim trainee and trained with Lovelyz’s members
  2. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung was also active in F-ve Dolls while in The SeeYa
  3. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung’s hobby is journalism
  4. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung was a contestant on The Unit (ranked 47th)
  5. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung also used to be a trainee at DSP Media under the name Yeon with Brown Eyed Soul’s Sunghoon
  6. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung is a close friend with Ex-APINK’s Yoo-kyung since childhood
  7. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung is the last member to join the group
  8. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung joined F-ve Dolls after Shannon and Choi Ji-hyun’s departure
  9. The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung’s face changes drastically depending on her hairstyle

Yeonkyung’s Debut With The SeeYa

The SeeYa yoonkyung profile

The Seeya (Hangul: 더 씨야) debuted on November 12, 2012, with their debut single titled “Be With You.” The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung participated in every promotion with this girl group by releasing several singles titled “Poison,” “More & More,” “Tell Me,” “The Song of Love,
and “Wedding March.”

The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung also became the only member who promoted in two different groups as of 2013 after joining F-ve Dolls.

The SeeYa’s Disbandment and Yeonkyung’s Future Activity

The SeeYa yoonkyung profile

MBK Entertainment as the agency that managed The SeeYa announced that they were officially disbanded in November 2015 without explaining the reason and removed the group’s profile from their official site. The SeeYa had a career of 4 years, and the members decided to part ways to restart their respective careers.

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

In 2017, The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung used her real name Han Seo-in and appeared on The Unit, but she was unable to continue her journey in this survival show because she was eliminated in Episode 7.

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

Han Seo-in, real name Oh Yeon-kyung, signed an exclusive contract with a new general entertainment company, Story & Plus, and started counting down to return to activities. Han Seo-in is an idol who debuted through The SeeYa in 2012 under her stage name Oh Yeon-kyung. The group attracted attention at the time with its mournful tones and splendid performances as well as its boyish visual charm.

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

She made her acting debut in the MBN drama titled It’s Okay Because You Are My Dad in 2017. Han Seo-in joined Story & Plus to show her will to actively develop her various activities, including her acting career, which she has been preparing for since 2017. She recently appeared on KBS2’s Hello? It’s Me!

The SeeYa's Yeonkyung profile

A source from her entertainment industry said, “I know Han Seo-in has been refining her own charm in a series of situations since her debut in 2012. Her story will unfold with the active support of Story and Plus. I’m curious to see how Han Seo-in’s actions will be reflected,” they said.

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