K-Drama Review: The Dark Side of Women’s Lives in ‘Secrets of Women’ Starring Kim Yoon-seo

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Secrets of Women

secrets of women

Here are the five reasons why you should watch the drama Secrets of Women!

1. Complicated, Yet Realistic PlotĀ 

If you want a kind of ‘based-on true story’ K-drama, Secrets of Women was one of the dramas you must watch! Since the story was quite complicated, but also felt relatable at the same time, you’ll fly through this drama! Moreover, we can watch how the protagonistĀ  has changed into the antagonist, as well!

2. Full of Famous and Senior Actors/Actresses

Another reason we love a certain K-drama is for the actors or the actresses who star in it, right? In Secrets of Women, we can watch a lot of famous actors and actresses, like Kim Ji-yoo, Kim Yoon-seo, Oh Min-suk, and many more!

3. The Conflicts Between Emotion and Reason

For those of you who are looking for something emotional, you might want to watch Secrets of Women! The story is about some conflicts between emotion and reason, such as the reasons Chae So-rim turned against So Yi-hyun. It was because her personal emotion and particular reason as well, and through Secrets of Women, you would find that one!

4. A Kind of Long-Term K-drama

It’s pretty common for a K-drama to just consist of 15-20 episodes, but it was different with Secrets of Women! The drama has 104 episodes, making it a good, long story. If you are looking for a long-term drama, Secrets of Women might be an option for you!

5. A Little Bit About Ballerinas

Even though the ballerina things in Secrets of Women only came up a little bit, we could still see that, as well! Briefly, Kang Ji-yoo used to be a ballerina before she was involved in a traffic accident. Afterward, however, she ended up being a nurse after she lost all of her memories.

Well, that was all of the information about Secrets of Women! Overall, the drama was pretty good and has its moral value for the viewers from the story! We also recommend you to watch the drama. Let’s wait patiently for another upcoming K-drama which is similar to Secrets of Women!

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