K-Drama Review: The Dark Side of Women’s Lives in ‘Secrets of Women’ Starring Kim Yoon-seo

Secrets of Women: The Cast

secrets of women

Let’s get to know some of the main cast in Secrets of Women!

So Yi-hyun as Kang Ji-yoo

So Yi-hyun

So Yi-hyun was cast as Kang Ji-yoo, a ballerina who was unfortunately involved in traffic accident which left her into coma for five years, amd made her lose all of her memories. She forgot about her spouse, her child, and everything. Then she become a nurse in Yoo Man-ho’s family, who was actually her spouse’s father, to uncover her past and also reveal the truth about everything.

Oh Min-suk as Yoo Kang-woo

Oh Min-suk

Oh Min-suk was cast as Yoo Kang-woo. He was the heir of the Moseong Group and used to be Kang Ji-yoo’s spouse. However, he ended up married to Chae So-rim because he thought that Chae So-rim had their child. He got manipulated, because the truth is, the child was his child along with Kang Ji-yoo.

Kim Yeon-soo as Chae So-rim

Kim Yoon-seo

Kim Yoon-seo was cast as Chae So-rim. She used to be Kang Ji-yoo’s best friend since high school, but she was secretly envied Kang Ji-yoo’s life and wanted to take everything she had. She also took Kang Ji-yoo and Yoo Kang-woo’s child and claimed it as hers, so she could marry Yoo Kang-woo.

Kim Jung-hun as Min Sun-ho

Kim Jung-hun

Kim Jung-hun was cast as Min Sun-ho. He used to have feelings towards Kang Ji-yoo for almost seven years, but he was her best friend. Min Sun-ho also helped Kang Ji-yoo to remember everything after her traffic accident, as well.