Everything You Need to Know About Secret: Profile, Discography, Official Disbandment, etc


Knowing More About Secret Members

Regrettably disbanding in 2018, Secret is a girl group whose songs will remain timeless due to their catchiness. Debuted under TS Entertainment in 2009 with four members, Secret is formerly known as ‘basement idols’ due to the poor living condition in their early days which soon improved after they hit big with their dual singles “Magic” and “Madonna,” as well as the follow-up songs such as “Love Is Move,” “Shy Boy,” “Starlight Moonlight,” and “Yoo Hoo” which garnered massive attention from the general public in South Korea and other countries. Not only as a team, each Secret member also found their success in individual careers as actresses, singers, and vloggers, making them versatile celebrities compared to other disbanded groups.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide information about all Secret members including their personal profiles, facts, awards, discography, disbandment, discord, latest news, personal Instagram accounts, and popularity rankings. So, keep reading!

Secret’s Hyosung’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Hyosung

Birth Name: Jeon Hyo Sung

Birth: Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, October 13, 1989

Age: 31 (Korean age) / 30 (International age)

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Blood Type: B

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Siblings: 2 (an older sister and a younger sister)

Education: Inha University (dropped out)

Talent Agency: TS Entertainment (2009 – 2018), Tommy & Partners Entertainment (2018 – present)

Instagram: @superstar_jhs

Twitter: @Secretimehs

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Secret’s Hyosung

  • Hyosung decided to be a singer when she was in the 6th grade.
  • Hyosung was the leader of her school’s dance team when she was in middle school.
  • Hyosung was supposed to debut in 2007 with female singer G.NA, former Wonder Girls’ member Yubin, former After School member UEE, and former SPICA member Jiwon (SPICA) as girl group Five Girls. However, the group disbanded.
  • Hyosung’s ideal type is male actor Kang Dong-won. She said that she only looks at personality and not at faces and that her ideal type is a man who can love her.
  • Hyosung left Secret in March 2018.

Secret’s Hana’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Hana (used to be Zinger)

Birth Name: Jung Ha Na

Birth: Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, February 2, 1990

Age: 30 (Korean age) / 29 (International age)

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Blood Type: A

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Siblings: None

Talent Agency: TS Entertainment (2009 – present)

Twitter: @supahana

Instagram: @hanatheonly1

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Secret’s Hana

  • Hana is close to EXID’s LE. She is also friends with 2NE1’s CL and Wonder Girls’ Sun because they attended the same dance academy during middle school.
  • Hana’s ideal type is athlete Chu Sung-hoon because he is a man who can be a ddal-babo (daughter-fool, meaning someone who loves his daughter very much).

Secret’s Jieun’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Jieun

Birth Name: Song Ji Eun

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 5, 1990

Age: 30 (Korean age) / 29 (International age)

Position: Main Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Blood Type: O

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Siblings: None

Talent Agency: TS Entertainment (2009 – present)

Twitter: @SECRETsongjieun

Instagram: @bimil_jieun

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Secret’s Jieun

  • Jieun auditioned for JYP at a young age and was supposed to debut with former SISTAR member Hyorin and BESTie’s U-JI. However, the plans did not go well.
  • Jieun starred in several dramas, namely Family, The Superman Age, and My Secret Romance.
  • Jieun’s ideal type is male actor Kim Soo-hyun as she has liked him since her rookie days.
  • Jieun left Secret on February 28, 2018. She announced her departure on her personal Instagram account.

Secret’s Sunhwa’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Sunhwa

Birth Name: Han Sun Hwa

Birth: Busan, South Korea, October 6, 1990

Age: 30 (Korean age) / 29 (International age)

Position: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae (the youngest member)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Blood Type: B

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Siblings: 2 (a younger sister and a younger brother (Victon’s Seungwoo))

Talent Agency: TS Entertainment (2009 – 2016), Huayi Brothers (2016 – present)

Twitter: @seonhwazzz

Instagram: @shh_daily

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Secret’s Sunhwa

  • Sunhwa wanted to be an artist when she was younger. However, it was only in the 6th grade that she wanted to be a singer after watching female solo singer BoA’s performance.
  • Sunhwa is the oldest child in her family. She had to tutor her younger siblings when her parents worked.
  • Sunhwa appeared in several dramas, namely God’s Gift, Marriage Not Dating, Radiant Office, and School 2017.
  • Sunhwa was paired with ZE:A’s Kwanghee on the virtual marriage show MBC’s We Got Married.
  • Sunhwa’s ideal type is her co-star actor Jo Seung-woo as she keeps thinking of him after their drama ended.
  • Sunhwa left Secret on September 25, 2016.

Secret’s Discography


Originally intended to be an RnB and hip-hop group, Secret is recognized through their playful retro musical style. Their songs such as “Magic,” “Madonna,” “Love Is Move,” “Shy Boy,” and “Poison” are widely known by the public in South Korea and global countries as these tracks are ear-catchy while the choreographies are easy to follow, establishing Secret’s position as a trendy girl group during its peak. Below, you may see Secret’s discography!

2009 – “I Want You Back” (debut single)

2009 – “Friends” (original soundtrack of Master of Study)

2010 – Secret Time (Korean mini-album)

2010 – Madonna (Korean mini-album)

2011 – Shy Boy (Korean single album)

2011 – Starlight Moonlight (Korean single album)

2011 – Moving in Secret (Korean full album)

2011 – Shy Boy (Japanese mini-album)

2012 – So Much for Goodbye (Japanese single album)

2012 – Twinkle Twinkle (Japanese single album)

2012 – Welcome to Secret Time (Japanese full album)

2012 – Poison (Korean mini-album)

2012 – Talk That (Korean single album)

2013 – Letter from SECRET (Korean mini-album)

2013 – Gift From Secret (Korean single album)

2014 – I Do I Do (Japanese single album)

2014 – Secret Summer (Korean single album)

Secret’s Awards and Nominations


Consistently releasing good songs ever since their early days as a rookie girl group made Secret unquestionably nominated and often winning in music shows and prestige award events such as MAMA, MMA, and GDA. Thus, Channel-Korea has summed up all the awards that Secret has received during their active days.

2010 – Best Dance Performance by Female Group on the 12th Mnet Asian Music Award (Nomination)

2010 – Bonsang Award on the 20th Seoul Music Awards (Winner)

2010 – Newcomer Award on the 25th Golden Disk Award (Winner)

2011 – First Rank on Mnet’s M! Countdown (Winner)

2011 – First Rank on SBS’s Inkigayo (Winner)

2011 – First Rank on KBS’s Music Bank (Winner, Triple Crown)

2011 – Song of the Year by Female Group on the 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2011 – Best Dance Performance by Female Group on the 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2011 – Bonsang Award on the 21st Seoul Music Awards (Winner)

2011 – Bonsang Award on the 3rd Melon Music Awards (Winner)

2011 – Song of the Year for the month of January on the 1st Gaon Chart Awards (Winner)

2011 – First Rank on SBS’s Inkigayo (Winner)

2011 – Digital Bonsang Award on the 26th Golden Disk Award (Winner)

2012 – Song of the Year for the month of June on the 1st Gaon Chart Awards (Winner)

Secret’s Concerts and Fan Meetings


Ever since hitting the golden era with their songs, Secret continuously held concerts and fan meetings in South Korea, Japan, and SEA countries. These events always sold out well, reflecting the power of Secret’s fan club which is known as Secret Time. Therefore, Channel-Korea has comprised the list of Secret’s concerts and fan meeting events below.

2012 – Secret 1st Japan Tour – Secret Time

2013 – Secret Live in SINGAPORE

2013 – The 2nd Japan Tour Love In Secret

2014 – The 3rd Japan Tour Secret’s Summer Live ~YooHoo~

2015 – Secret 1st Fan Meeting in Asia

Secret’s Disbandment and Discord News


Secret eventually disbanded after the departure of its leader Hyosung and main vocalist Jieun in March 2018. Prior to the group’s disbandment, its youngest member Sunhwa had already left in 2016 as she decided to not extend her contract with TS Entertainment. Currently, the only Secret member who is signed under TS Entertainment is Hana, whereas Jieun is in a legal dispute as her contract has been claimed as invalid in March 2018 yet she is not allowed to do other activities unless she wants to be sued by the agency.


Long before the official disbandment, Secret had been in the news for discord within the group. In June 2015, Sunhwa tweeted a screencap of Hana saying on a television show that Sunhwa’s drinking habit was because she had a lot of problems with the world. Sunhwa clarified in the tweet, “Three years ago, I drank once or twice with the members, and I was upset with my blank paper image at the time so I talked about it with them, but I guess Hana took that as me having problems with the world~” and added, “Oh, we only drank once.”


The tweets soon blew up and gained different reaction from netizens. Many people sided with Sunhwa, “From her perspective, she was probably confiding in them seriously, but Hana took it as her having problems with the world and just said it out loud on a broadcast; she sounds upset .I’d be a bit upset too,” whereas the rest accused Sunhwa of getting the actress disease and has been since wanting to leave Secret, “Can’t they resolve this through Kakao Talk? Why openly write stuff like this on SNS? She’s just telling the world that she has a bad relationship with her members??? Does her contract expire soon?” and “Even that tweet sounds like she wrote it while pissed and drunk… I think their relationship is far beyond recovery at this point.”


As the leader of the group, Hyosung clarified the discord rumor within Secret when she appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, “When she posted the tweets, I was working. However, when I saw it later in the evening, it really surprised me.” Hyosung explained that Sunhwa’s tweet is not directed at Hana but rather a clarification of Sunhwa’s drinking habit. On the other hand, Sunhwa stated that Secret was still personally precious to her during her interview in May 2017, “Even though [the members and I] are in different agencies now, I still hope there will be a chance in the future where I will able to promote with them again.”