Secret Number’s Jinny: Profile, Real Name, ‘Produce 48’, Training with Blackpink?

Secret Number’s Jinny’s Performances on Stage

Secret Number is such a skillful girl group with talented members. Not to mention that Jinny has been practicing as a rapper for several years. She also writes lyrics and composes rap music. No wonder Lockey, Secret Number fans, love Jinny so much. She’s just too talented!

And it’s time to see how good Secret Number’s performances are on stage. Not only Jinny, but the other four members are also talented! Let’s see the video performances of Secret Number on music shows!

What do you think of Secret Number’s performances on stage? It’s hard to focus on Jinny only since the other members are charming too, right? Well, no worries, let’s see the performances of Jinny only in the videos that focus on Jinny’s performances on stage!

What do you think of Jinny’s performances? She really shows her talent on stage!

Secret Number’s Multilingual Jinny

Besides being a Korean-American that often helps her foreign members in Korean, do you know that Jinny is multilingual? In the States, just like some other schools, Jinny learned to speak Spanish in the Spanish class she took in school. So, besides English and Korean, Jinny can speak Spanish too.

Dita, the member who is from Indonesia, also often teaches Jinny Indonesian and some slang words in Indonesian. Jinny managed to impress Indonesian fans by becoming more fluent day by day because of what Dita has been teaching her.

Let’s see some compilation videos of Jinny speaking in different languages!

What do you think of Jinny’s talent? Jinny speaks a lot of languages, hopefully, she can talk to us without the language barrier!

It’s the end of the article, already. Congratulations, you have gained knowledge about one of the Korean-American idols, or one of the K-pop idols who speak English, Jinny Park. Just like what you read in the things about her, she’s just so humble and friendly to her members and her fans. She really wants to talk to her fans and communicate with them better. So, it’s not a big deal if we want to say good things or just casually greet Jinny, she will understand!

Anyway, which of her charms do you like the most? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!