Secret Number’s Dita: Profile, Age, Royal Family, Etc.

Secret Number’s Dita’s Performances on Stage

dita karang

After seeing how cool Secret Number’s performances are, you are probably wondering how much the girls have grown up after their debut day. Of course, just like other girl groups, Secret Number made a comeback after releasing their debut song. They performed really well on every music stage that they went to.

Let’s see the stage performances of Secret Number in some music shows!

Not only Dita, but the other members are talented in dancing too. They are singing the song beautifully. Their facial expressions are just so matched with the song. No wonder Lockey, Secret Number’s fans, love them very much.

But you probably get distracted by other members’ charm when you see the video performances of Secret Number. So, it’s time to see the videos that only focus on Dita’s performance!

What do you think about Dita and Secret Number’s performances? They are really talented, right? Dita’s professionalism is really showing when she’s on stage. No wonder, she has been dancing for almost her whole life!

Secret Number’s Dita’s Family

secret number dita

We mentioned a bit about Dita’s family members who are from Indonesia. Seeing from her full name, Dita has a Bali descent who she got from her father. But do you know that “Anak Agung” in Dita’s name means that she comes from a royal family? This fact even shocked MCs that have asked Dita about her full name!

Even so, Dita and her family lived in Yogyakarta, the hometown of her mother. Dita’s mother is a Javanese of Chinese descent. They run a family business of tiles design and production based in Yogyakarta. Even though Dita comes from a wealthy family, she said that her parents didn’t give her any financial support ever since she moved to Korea. Dita showed how determined she was to reach her dream without the privilege of her family.

On the Nadol YouTube channel, Dita was asked to call her mother and tell them that she loves them. Dita said that she didn’t usually tell them that she loves them directly. She even practiced saying the Indonesian phrase: “I love you, mom,” many times before she called her mother.

Dita couldn’t bear her tears in the middle of the phone call with her mother when it was already connected. Then again, Dita has lived separately from her family for too long. How she tried to handle her tears really showed that she missed them so much.

dita karang

In the end, Dita managed to tell her mother that she loves her. Dita was so shocked that her other family members were there too while she was talking with her mother. It really made her sad even more knowing that all of them had gathered since they were about to have a meeting, while Dita was talking with her mom and said that she loves them.

Let’s see the full video down below! Pst, don’t forget to bring your tissue!

What do you think of Dita’s family? It’s really hard to live far away from family while pursuing your dreams, right? Let’s wish that Dita and other foreign idols are strong enough to handle the struggle while living far away from their hometown.


We have reached the end of the article about Dita from Secret Number. She’s just too cute and adorable, right? Dita is talented as a dancer, she also did amazing performances on every Secret Number stage. Not only that, the fact that she can speak four languages makes us adore her even more, right? Well, then again, Dita comes from a respected family, she’s just like a well-educated princess. Which of her charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section, please!