Secret Number: Members Profile, Facts, Official Debut

Secret Number’s Schedule

secret number

Let’s keep up with the latest information about Secret Number! What they have been up to lately? Let’s find out the answer first through their Instagram account, check this one out!

Recently, Secret Number was still busy with its promotion schedule which also made them perform through music programs. Not only that, but they also have done a lot of interviews through radio stations or variety shows as well! One of their latest appearances also spotted from the Fact iN Star YouTube channel, where the members also visiting the studio and appeared there as the guest. Through the show, Secret Number was revealed their group name meaning, as well as other trivia about Who Dis single, their dancing moves, and many more!

That was all of the information about the Secret Number! It already is proven that Secret Number was one of the best rookie groups since they have been gained a lot of attention even before their official debut. Within their style of music and visual appearance, Secret Number will be another substantial K-Pop idol in the future! Let’s always supporting their career and wait for another project from them!

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