Ex Secret’s Hyosung: Winning Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment and Joining a New Agency


Legal Disputes with TS Entertainment

The girl Group Secret was in a legal dispute with their agency TS Entertainment. On March 5, 2018, Jun Hyo-sung announced her departure from Secret following bandmate Song Ji-eun’s departure one week earlier. She also announced that she wouldn’t renegotiate her contract with TS Entertainment.

Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment

Jun Hyo-sung

The day Jun Hyo-sung announced her departure, her legal representative revealed that in September 2017 Jun Hyo-sung filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract with the agency. The representative also explained that the reasons behind the legal dispute were about payments that Jun Hyo-sung hadn’t received and the transferred management rights conferred by its exclusive contract with Jun Hyo-sung to another party without the consent of Jun Hyo-sung herself. The violation of her contract made her promotions as a singer hampered.

The representative said that Jun Hyo-sung’s side had attempted to resolve the issues peacefully, but because TS Entertainment posed a problem, she ended up filling a lawsuit. The purpose of the lawsuit was to legally confirm the invalidity of her contract with TS Entertainment. The representative also confirmed that Jun Hyo-sung wouldn’t be returning to Secret as her trust in TS Entertainment had already been broken. The representative added that the lawsuit was causing significant damage to Jun Hyo-sung’s promotions in the entertainment industry.

The second pleading for Jun Hyo-sung’s lawsuit against TS Entertainment was held on March 28, 2018. During the pleading, Jun Hyo-sung’s legal representative said that the last payment she received was 6 million won (approximately $5580) in 2015, and she has not been paid since then. TS Entertainment was refusing to submit detailed evidence data because it was confidential and insisted that there were no problems with payments. TS Entertainment refused to come to an agreement with Jun Hyo-sung and said that they wouldn’t terminate her contract as her contract still remains valid until 2021.

Jun Hyo-sung

There was news of Jun Hyo-sung signing with a new agency on October 29, 2018, and TS Entertainment released an official statement. TS Entertainment stated that their exclusive contract with Jun Hyo-sung was valid and the court would give a verdict regarding the issue on November 14, 2018. Therefore, Jun Hyo-sung signing an exclusive contract with a new agency was a breach of her contract because she has entered into two contracts. TS Entertainment also said that they would take strict legal action and the one-sided contract signing and the media report had tarnished their company image.

In response, Jun Hyo-sung’s legal representative said that her new contract was based on the injunction cited from the court ruling on September 27, 2018, which had the purpose of suspending the validity of Jun Hyo-sung’s contract with TS Entertainment. The representative added that TS Entertainment disregarded the validity of the court’s ruling and was being very unreasonable as the company continued to claim the validity of the exclusive contract and demanded responsibility.

On November 14, 2018, the Seoul Western District Court ruled to confirm the invalidity of Jun Hyo-sung’s exclusive contract with TS Entertainment. The ruling also stated that TS Entertainment must pay Jun Hyo-sung approximately 130 million won (approximately $114,840) in remaining down payments and unpaid wages. TS Entertainment also had to cover 95% of legal fees, while Jun Hyo-sung paid 5%.

With the court ruling in her favor, Jun Hyo-sung celebrated the occasion with a post on her personal Instagram account that said, “Thank God.”


Following the courts ruling in favor of Jun Hyo-sung in the first trial, TS Entertainment released an official statement that revealed their intention to appeal the ruling and took strict legal responsibility regarding the spreading of false statements and defamation against TS Entertainment’s artists and employees.

Join Tommy & Partners Entertainment

Jun Hyo-sung

Tommy & Partners Entertainment announced that Jun Hyo-sung joined their agency on October 29, 2018. The representative from the agency stated that Jun Hyo-sung signed an exclusive contract with them. The representative said that they would fully support Jun Hyo-sung as she is a talented artist in singing, acting, and variety, and asked to show Jun Hyo-sung a lot of love and interest in the future. Tommy & Partners Entertainment is currently home to a number of actors, including Shin Sung-woo, Choi Yeo-jin, and Jung Kyung-ho.


After the legal disputes with TS came to an end, Jun Hyo-sung can now focus on her work with her new agency. Jun Hyo-sung often updates her Instagram account about her daily activities. She posted some photo shoots of her new concept.



Jun Hyo-sung also posted the poster of musical “Flashdance” that is running at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul from January 18, 2019, to February 17, 2019.


Jun Hyo-sung’s latest post (per January 26, 2019) are some pictures of her selca.