Do You Miss Sechs Kies? Here Are The Details Of Their Upcoming Comeback And Latest News


Everything You Need To Know About South Korean First-Generation Boy Band Under YG Entertainment – Sechs Kies

Sechs Kies debuted on April 15th, 1997, with the song “School Song” under the agency Daesung Entertainment (now known as DSP Media) with 6 members including Eun Ji-won, Lee Jai-jin, Kim Jae-duck, Kang Sung-hoon, Ko Ji -Yong, and Jang Su-won. It didn’t take long for Sechs Kies to become popular and a top star. In 1997, when they debuted their songs topped various music charts. Then in 1998, their popularity increased and they became one of Korea’s top boy bands.

In May 2000, Sechs Kies suddenly held a press conference stating that they have officially disbanded. It made their fans disappointed and angry with the agency that overshadowed Sechs Kies because there was no clear explanation about the reason for the idol group’s dissolution even though Sechs Kies were at the peak of their popularity. Through the variety show Infinity Challenge, Sechs Kies held a reunion concert at the Sangam World Cup Stadium on April 30th, 2016. The concert was full of emotions because for the first time after 16 years they had a concert together. In addition, the presence of Ko Ji-yong was also increasingly emotional, because so far he was on a hiatus from the world of entertainment and focused on his career as a businessman.

In May 2016, Sechs Kies signed a contract with YG Entertainment. In October 2016, Sechs Kies released a single titled “Three Words” and successfully topped various music charts. Then in December, Sechs Kies released an album titled 2016 Re-ALBUM and successfully topped the iTunes chart in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. In 2017, Sechs Kies released their 5th album titled Another Light. In January 2020, Sechs Kies made a comeback with the album All For You. They made their comeback with 4 members without Kang Sung-hoon who left the group in early 2019.

In this article, Channel-Korea will share with you everything about First-Generation South Korean band still active in the entertainment world Sechs Kies. From their latest comeback, Kang Sung-hoon’s departure from the group, to their latest news. So, stay tuned.

Comeback After 2 Years Of Hiatus


South Korean senior boy band Sechs Kies finally enlivened the South Korean music industry with their newest song. As scheduled, on January 28th, 2020, at 18:00 KST, Sechs Kies released the latest music video and mini-album titled ALL FOR YOU.

“ALL FOR YOU” is a retro pop genre song of the 90s that will make anybody nostalgic. This is Sechs Kies’s first comeback with four members since Kang Sung-hoon decided to leave the group in early 2019.

Kang Sung-hoon’s Departure From Sechs Kies

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After causing various problems, one of the members of Sechs Kies, Kang Sung-hoon decided to leave the group and his agency, YG Entertainment. The decision was taken after in 2018 he canceled his fan meeting in Taiwan and the problem of the low management of his fan club, including also not attending the Sechs Kies concert in October 2018 and the case with his former manager.

“Right now, I can’t predict when I will return because of my mental health problems. The decision to remain with Sechs Kies’ activities caused great discomfort to people. Therefore after thinking and talking with YG Entertainment, we reached an agreement to terminate my exclusive contract on December 31st, 2018, and I gave up all activities with Sechs Kies,” he said.

On that occasion, he apologized and claimed to be sorry for not being able to meet the expectations of fans who had waited a long time despite being absent. He also apologized to Sechs Kies and the team for what he had been doing.

“I also ask that you continue to show support for the Sechskies in the future. With sincerity, I apologize and say thank you,” he concluded.

YG Entertainment also confirmed the truth of Sung Hoon’s departure from their agency and the group that has raised his name.

“It’s true we talked with Kang Sung-hoon and made the decision to terminate his exclusive contract. We hope that he will be successful in the future,” said a representative of YG Entertainment.

Jang Su-won Revealed About The Group’s Promotion During the 90s


Although Sechs Kies was one of the most popular idol groups in the 90s, one of the members of Sechs Kies Jang Su-won revealed that they didn’t make much money at the time. In the Video Star episode that aired on August 20th, 2019, he talked about his time as a less talented actor by saying, “When I was doing my robot acting, I made more than I did as part of Sechs Kies.”

Jang Su-won also saw how the idol contract worked at the time and he explained, “There is a valid reason for not distributing profits, but during the Sechs Kies period, there were no written contracts at all. We promoted without a contract with our agency.”

Recently, in January 2020, Sechs Kies released their new album All For You. That was the first comeback without Kang Sung-hoon who left Sechs Kies and YG Entertainment in early 2019.

Latest News


The legendary first-generation South Korean boy band Sechs Kies just made a comeback in January 2020 with four members. Sechs Kies had last made a comeback in September 2017, with the album titled Another Light. That was their first time coming back after Kang Sung-hoon’s departure because of his scandal. Here is the latest news from Sechs Kies!

Kang Sung-hoon Reveals His Reason For Leaving Sechs Kies

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Former Sechs Kies member Kang Sung-hoon almost committed suicide due to severe depression! K-Pop idol Kang Sung-hoon who is a former member of boy group Sechs Kies appeared on the MBC Section TV talk show.

In the show, Kang Sung-hoon bluntly revealed the facts behind a series of controversies that had befallen him some time ago. Kang Sung-hoon was once accused of misusing gifts he received from fans. But apparently, it started because of a misunderstanding between himself and his stylist.

Kang Sung-hoon admitted that he had not checked his personal items that needed to be removed and fans’ items. Because the two were side by side, making the stylist accidentally participate in throwing these items.

“My stylist is in charge of caring for my shoes, accessories, and clothes,” he said. “At that time, my stylist told me that they would throw away things that I no longer needed,” he recalled. “But I didn’t know that there were fan prizes among the items they threw away,” he continued. “I was very angry when I found out. It left me speechless,” he continued. “I should have been able to treat the gifts better,” he said regretfully.

In addition, Kang Sung-hoon was also involved in the fan meeting controversy that occurred in Taiwan in September 2018. For some reason, the event was suddenly canceled but the ticket refund did not go well.

In effect, Kang Sung-hoon’s fan club was accused of embezzling donations from fans. But now, all the problems are still under investigation waiting to be resolved. The series of controversies apparently made Kang Sung-hoon depressed and almost thought of ending his life.

One of the decisions he took at that time was to leave the boy band that raised his name, Sechs Kies. “I don’t know when Taiwan’s fan meeting will be resolved. I feel like running and dying,” he said.

“I also experienced panic disorders and mental disorders which made me feel that I could no longer stand on stage, in front of fans in such circumstances,” he added. “I am truly sorry to the members of Sechs Kies as well as to those at the agency. But most importantly, I am truly sorry to my fans,” he concluded.

Sechs Kies Discuss Changing Formation To Come Back With Super Junior


Sechs Kies made a comeback for the first time in more than two years, as a four-member group. On January 28th, 2020, Sechs Kies held a press conference for the release of the mini-album ALL FOR YOU.

They discussed the change in formation as a group of four. Eun Ji-won shared, “We sincerely apologize to fans for our changes. However, each member worked very hard on this album. We fill each song with appropriate vocals, so there is no bias towards anyone. This is an album that we prepared with a burden but also a responsibility.”

Eun Ji-won continued, “As a leader, I have to know the nature of the members well to direct, but this time I have nothing to do. That’s how members take notes. You will be able to see the birth of Lee Jae-jin as a vocalist.”

Lee Jae-jin also commented, “I receive continuous vocal lessons to help our team. After listening to the recording, I felt good because I thought I was very helpful.” Jang Su-won added, “Regardless of the number of members, we have a strong relationship. Even though we fight, we get closer through it.”

In addition to this comeback, Sechs Kies plans to showcase their daily lives through reality shows and will meet with fans during the upcoming concert in Seoul from March 6th to 8th, 2020. Eun Ji-won shared, “I can’t promise how long we will do promotions. However, we will work hard. We look after our team thanks to the members. As long as our members are fine with it, we stay together whether we do well or not.”

Jang Su-won also shared love for their fans, stating, “I think we can keep our team because of our fans. Without fans, we would not be here now.” They also stressed the desire to be recognized by the public, Kim Jae-duk shared, “I hope that ALL FOR YOU will be widely played on the streets and in cafés so that people can listen to it.”

Eun Ji-won added, “We are a group that cannot give up on the public. Thinking ‘How can we be satisfied?’ has helped us grow.”

The senior group also expressed their admiration for fellow senior group Super Junior, who made their comeback the same day. When asked about them, Eun Ji-won asked, “Will Super Junior also be back today? They also did not know that we would return today. They are junior artists right after us. It feels good to be back at the same time as them. We will be able to lean against each other in the waiting room. We are very close to the members.”

Kim Jae-duk also commented on old rival Sechs Kies, H.O.T., who recently held a reunion concert. He shared, “I went to watch and cheer at the H.O.T concert. Now, I see them as friends and support them in the hope that they will succeed.”

YG Entertainment Postponed Sechs Kies’ Concert in Seoul!

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One by one the K-Pop agencies have been canceling schedules because of fears of the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). When performing among thousands of fans, no one knows if one of the viewers has been exposed to the coronavirus. The agency and the organizers did not want to risk the safety of the artist.

YG Entertainment said that Sechs Kies will also postpone a concert in Seoul that was originally planned to take place from March 6th to 8th, 2020.

“We oversee the spread of COVID-19 and put the safety of fans and artists as our top priority. Although we have been looking for preventative measures, we made the decision to put on a concert in order to maintain a healthy environment,” continued YG Entertainment. They also stated that any changes in the concert schedule will be announced through the ticket purchase site.

That was all the information about South Korean First-Generation band still active in the entertainment world Sechs Kies. From their latest comeback, Kang Sung-hoon’s departure from the group, to their latest news. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!