K-Drama Review: ‘Search: WWW’, Independent Women’s Rivalry In The Work Field


Telling The Figure Of A Tough Woman, Let’s See All About tvN 2019’s Drama Search: WWW Here!


‘Search: WWW’ was a tvN’s drama that airs in June 2019. This drama takes the theme of career women with all the problems of office life, competition becomes the best, and their love relationships in the private sphere.

Korean Drama ‘Search: WWW’ is one drama called woman-centered in which the three main characters are tough women, ‘Search: WWW’ is undoubtedly a tvN drama that you must watch. Moreover, not always discussing conflicts related to the careers of the main characters, this drama also tells about their love story that makes you carried away too.

In this article, Channel-Korea would show you about tvN’s 2019 Korean Drama, who tells you about the woman-centered drama that you should watch. So, stay tuned!

“Search: WWW”: Review



This romantic drama tells the story of Bae Ta-mi (Im Soo-jung), who works as a director for the largest Unicon website company. Bae Ta-mi, in her 30s, is known as a competitive leader. Thanks to her cold hands, Unicon managed to become the most extensive website and occupy the first position as the most accessed and visited online portal. Unicon has the biggest rival, Barro, one of the sites that always manages to come second after Unicon. One day, Bae Ta-mi meets Park Mo-gun (Jang Ki-yong) at the Arcade shop. Park Mo-gun is a talented composer who makes music for games. The two of them spent the night together, and thanks to his competitive side, Park Mo-gun finally fell in love with Bae Ta-mi.

Meanwhile, due to the actions of her boss Song Ga-kyung (Jeon Hye-jin), Bae Ta-mi became a victim and was eventually fired from Unicon. However, she gets an offer to work at Barro by Min Hong-joo (Kwon Hae-hyo). Min Hong-joo asks Bae Ta-mi to make Barro the most significant search site to defeat Unicon. Min Hong-joo also forms a team to carry out her plan by hooking Cha Hyun (Lee Da-hee), one of Barro’s employees who hates Bae Ta-mi.

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This scene was Bae Ta-mi meets Park Mo-gun for the first time. Both of them met after playing ‘Tekken’ in an arcade.


This is the scene in episode 5.

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This is a scene where three successful and tough women fight.


This is Bae Ta-mi and Park Mo-gun bed scene.

“Search: WWW”: The Casts

Soompi Forums
  • Im Soo-jung plays a role as Bae Ta-mi.
    Bae Ta-mi is a director at the biggest internet company in Korea: Unicon.

  • Jeon Hye-jin plays role as Song Ga-kyeong.
    Song Ga-kyeong is one of the Directors at Unicon, also the son-in-law of Leader Kang, the most influential businessman in Korea.

  • Lee Da-hee plays a role as Cha Hyun or Scarlett.
    Cha Hyun is a director at Barro. She has a high temperature and is easily angered.

  • Jang Ki-yong plays role as Park Mo-gun.
    Park Mo-gun is a CEO of a music game company.

  • Lee Jae-wook plays a role as Seol Ji-hwan.
    Seol Ji-hwan is Scarlett or Cha Hyun’s boyfriend.

IDN Times

Supported Casts:

  • Ji Seung-hyun plays a role as Oh Jin-woo
  • Kwon Hae-hyo plays a role as Min Hong-joo
  • Kim Nam-hee plays the role as Pyo Joon-soo
  • Woo Ji-hyun plays the role as Choi Bong-ki
  • Oh Ah-yeon plays the role as Jo A-ra
  • Ha Seung-ri plays a role as Hong Yoo-jin
  • Song Ji-ho plays a role as Choi Jung-hoon
  • Yoo Seo-jin plays the role of Na In-kyung
  • Tak Woo-suk plays a role as Kim Sun-woo
  • Han Ji-wan plays the role as Jung Da-in
  • Cho Hye-joo plays the role as Yoon Dong-joo
  • Ye Soo-jung plays a role as Jang Hee-eun
  • Byeon Woo-seok plays a role as Han Min-kyu
  • Son Jong-hak plays the role as Seo Myung-ho
  • Park Jong-wook plays the role of Park Mo-gun’s employee
  • Jung Chan-bi plays the role of Cha Hyun (young)
  • Kang Eun-a plays the role of Song Ga-kyung (young)
  • Yoon Joo-man plays a role as Lee Jin-ho
  • Yoo Ji-hyuk plays a role as Son Hyo-joon
  • Lee Ji-ha plays a role as Park Mo-gun’s mother
  • Lee Chae-kyung plays a role as executive
  • Kim Dong-gyun plays a role as Min Hong-joo’s friend, Park Mo-gun’s senior
  • Song hoon plays a role as Unicorn web portal company executive
  • Park Mi-ri plays a role as Baro portal site employee 1
  • Jung Hyun-suk
  • Chu Kwi-jung
  • Shin Hye-kyung
  • Moon Hak-jin

The Cameos

  • Choi Jin-ho plays role as Joo Seung-tae (ep.1-2)

Simpan Sinopsis
  • Jiho plays a role as judo athlete (ep.6)

  • Lee Dong-wook plays a role as Bae Ta-mi’s ex-boyfriend (ep.7)

  • Lee Tae-ri plays a role as Go Do-ri (ep.7)

  • Jang Min-young plays a role as woman in the meeting (ep.10)