K-Drama Review: ‘Search: WWW’, Independent Women’s Rivalry In The Work Field

“Search: WWW”: The Soundtracks

YouTube”Search: WWW” is a woman-centered and woman-empowerment K-Drama. The story itself is telling about three tough women in the portal site industry; they were Bae Ta-mi, Scarlett, or Cha Hyun and Song Ga-kyeong. Ost from this drama, one of which was performed by one of the cast. Of course, Lee Da-hee contributed to the drama OST, which she starred by herself. If you are a fan of this K-Drama, starring Im Soo-jung, Lee Da-hee, Jeon Hye-jin, and Jang Ki-yong, this is the following OSTs surely you should add to your playlist!

  • Milky Way – Between Us

Milky Way’s song Between Us is OST Part 1 “Search: WWW.” This song has a very cozy feel. Easy listening, this song by soloist O3ohn, is perfect for listening to while relaxing in your spare time.


  • Elaine – Search

Singed by Elaine, the song with the title ‘Search’ fully has English lyrics. This song was iconic, and this song is used as an opening for every episode of Drama “Search: WWW.” Besides, Search also gives a thick woman-empowerment feel.

  • Jang Beom-june – Reaching Hand

‘Reaching Hand’ is one of the sad songs that has become the soundtrack of this Drama. But the unique music and the distinctive voice of Jang Beom-june make this song very pleasant to hear repeatedly.

  • Sam Kim – Scent

Being OST Part 4, Scent was sung by a soloist male Sam Kim. Sam Kim does not need to doubt the quality of the song because he is one of the kings for Drama OST. Songs with romantic nuances that can make your heart flutter, too, like being in love while listening to the song.

  • Mamamoo – Wow

The song titled ‘Wow’ is sung by the girl group Mamamoo. Very powerful, when hearing this song, makes women eager to achieve dreams regardless of the judgment of others. Thick with the nuances of woman-empowerment, the song titled ‘Wow’ is also suitable to describe the three main characters in Drama “Search: WWW.”

  • Lee Da-hee – When I See You On TV

Not only amazed through her acting, but Lee Da-hee also successfully sang one of the Drama OSTs starring herself, “Search: WWW.” She sang OST Part 6 entitled ‘When I See You On TV.’ This song is a separate ‘theme song’ for the love story of Scarlett or Cha Hyun and her boyfriend, Seol Ji-hwan, which started from the fans’ admiration for her idol on television.

  • Kim Na-young – I Get A Little Bit Lonely

Singed by Kim Na-young, the song titled ‘I Get A Little Bit Lonely’ successfully made a cry when you heard this song. Tells the story of separation, this song is usually played when the three couples in “Search: WWW” are faced with obstacles and the need to separate.

  • Lee Chan-dong – Tonight

Unlike the previous 7 OSTs, the song titled ‘Tonight’ was not released simultaneously. This song was included in the full OST album “Search: WWW,” which was released the day after the drama was over. Having romantic lyrics and especially fitting with the sweet figure of Park Mo-gun, this song is sung by Lee Chan-dong, a member of the boy group VROMANCE. But it’s not just the song that attracts attention, the song’s intro and outro music are what awaits the release. Because it is BGM music for video games created by Park Mo-gun, it is BGM music that holds the primary key in Park Park Mo-gun and Bae Ta-mi’s relationship.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Search: WWW”

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  • Discusses tough and inspiring career women!

One of the hallmarks of the drama “Search: WWW” is the characters who are mostly women. Not told as a protagonist who is weak and resigned, in this drama, the female characters in it are robust and inspiring figures. Starting from the main character to supporting values.

The three main characters in this drama are Bae Ta-mi (Im Soo-jung), Scarlett (Lee Da-hee), and Song Ga-gyeong (Jeon Hye-jin). The three work at two of the largest portal site companies in South Korea. Not only has a charming appearance, but all three also have badass characters. They are assertive, independent, and resilient. The three, of course, are very suitable to be an inspiration for career women out there.

  • A light and fun story, but not make you feel bored!

Even though the main focus in this drama is about the conflicts of career women in the 21st century, the story won’t bore you because the plot is well maintained so that the story remains exciting but also not heavy to follow. Tend to be mild; you can even watch stories in this drama when you are free on weekends.

  • A love story that is romantic and makes us feel to the story!

Including the romantic comedy genre, “Search: WWW,” also presents a passionate love story, and of course, it makes us feel. The main pairs in this drama are Bae Ta-mi and Park Mo-gun (Jang Ki-yong). The two first met at an arcade and were attracted to each other. Even though Park Mo-gun is ten years younger than Bae Ta-mi, his mature attitude keeps him in harmony with her. Both are equally able to be open to each other, support each other, and even able to make room for each other if needed.

  • Starring by famous actors and actresses!

“Search: WWW” is one of the Korean dramas that have famous names on its cast. Among them, there are Im Soo-jung who has starred in many feature films, Lee Da-hee who is riveting in the drama The Beauty Inside (2018), Jeon Hye-jin who has acted in dozens of feature films, and Jang Ki-yong who was stunning in the scene Go Back Couple (2017), Come and Hug Me (2018), and Kill It (2019).

Besides the four, there are also Lee Jae-wook, Ji Seung-hyun, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim Nam-hee, Ha Seung-ri, Yoo Seo-jin, Ye Soo-jung, and many more. Not only that, but this drama also lined up some famous names as cameos. One of them is Lee Dong Wook, who successfully portrayed the grim reaper in the 2016 Goblin drama.

  • A row of cool and ear-catching OSTs!

Like other Korean dramas, “Search: WWW” also has a small and ear-catching OST line. One of them is an OST sung by the girl group MAMAMOO. Entitled ‘Wow,’ this song is OST part 5 of the drama “Search: WWW”. Fresh and very powerful, this song is very suitable to the atmosphere of the story in this drama.

That was all for the information about tvN’s 2019 Korean Drama who tells you about woman-centered drama that you should watched. Don’t forget to give your thoughts on the comment below!