Fans Demand ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Season 2, Are They Ever Going to Make It?

Lee Joon-gi Celebrated a 2-Year Anniversary of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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On August 28th, 2018, Wang So’s actor, Lee Joon-gi, posted a celebration photo for the 2-Year Anniversary of Scarlet Heart Ryeo on his personal Instagram account.


Many fans commented on his post, asking for a second season of this outstanding K-Drama.

“Still waiting for season 2!” said the account named @greenestcow.

“I reaaaaaally miss Wang So,” said an account named @elviraaper.


Lee Joon-gi and IU’s Reunion in Knowing Brothers

iu & lee joon gi

Knowing Brothers, or Knowing Bros, or Ask Us Anything, or Men on a Mission, is a South Korean variety show, distributed by JTBC. This show is classified as a reality show where the MCs and guests gather in a classroom environment and then discuss personal topics.

In the 150th episode, aired on October 20th, 2018, Lee Joon-gi finally reunited with IU Netizens really expressed excitement to see the main couple of Scarlet Heart Ryeo appear together again.

According to, Lee Joon-gi and IU appeared as ‘transfer students’, raising anticipation among fans who saw them in their spontaneous situation.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Cast

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Cast

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one of the rare K-Dramas which has many popular celebrities as lead characters. The hit drama from director Kim Kyu-tae and writer Jo Yoon-young needs many princes. As we know, a prince character is not an easy task to find for filming. They need to cast a charming and handsome actor, that’s why a lot of popular celebrities gathered in this drama. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Lee Joon-gi plays the main character of this drama. He began his acting in 2004. He became a big hit while playing in The King and The Clown in 2005. He also pursues his career in Hollywood movies. In Scarlet Heart Ryeo, he plays the character Wang-So who later becomes King Gwangjong. 

IU, who doesn’t know IU? She is a famous singer with many talents. She’s active in the music as well as the film industry. She began her acting career through the drama Dream High in 2011. In Scarlet Heart Ryeo, she plays a character named Hae Soo, who traveled back in time to the Goryeo era. 

Kang Ha-neul plays the second lead in Scarlet Heart Ryeo as Prince Wang Wook. His wife in this drama is IU’s sister. Kang Ha-neul began his acting career in 2007 through the drama My Mom! Super Mom.

Hong Jong Hyun plays the character of prince Wang Yo. He has the same mother as Prince Wang So played by Lee Joon-gi. He plays a dark character in this drama, who has no fear to even kill his own brother. 

Nam Joo-hyuk plays the role of Prince Wang Wook. He has a bright side and loves art. He rarely gets involved with the royal business. But one day, he found something he needs to protect, and it brought him to a serious situation. He’s calm and supports Wang So.

Baekhyun plays the role of Prince Wang Eun, a prince who has never grown-up. He often acts like a kid. Baekhyun is one of the EXO members. It brought a lot of EXO fans watching this drama. 

Jiso slays the role of Prince Wang Jung. Even If he looks reckless, and he is the good prince who thinks everything carefully. Jiso is an actor who made his debut in 2012 through the drama To The Beautiful You.

Other interesting cast members are Yoon Sun-woo as Prince Wang Won, Kang Han-na as Princess Hwangbo Yeon-hwa, Jin Ki-joo as Chae-ryung, and Seohyun as Woo-hee.   

Is There A Scarlet Heart Ryeo Sequel?

A Scarlet Heart Ryeo Sequel

Most of the fans of the K-Drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo request a sequel. The ending of the first season was too hurtful for all the main characters. It remains unclear for the main lead Prince Wang So (King Gwangjong) and Hae Soo. Even in the current world where Hae Soo originally lives, she still remembered the hurtful feelings where she left King Gwangjong alone. 

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a remake of the Chinese drama Bubu Jingxin. In the Chinese or original version, they made the second season, where the story began in the recent world. It’s not only a few episodes but in a complete model. Scarlet Heart 2 has 39 episodes, which is even more than the original one. The characters have a connection to the first season and are played by the same actors and actresses. 

The fans of the Korean version request for the same. But until now, there is no news regarding the second season. It’s almost four years since the first one. Most of the fans created their own imagination of how the second season might be through fan-made videos which are shared through YouTube. Sometimes it leads other fans to mistake the video for the original. It’s a rare condition of K-Drama to have a second season apart from which already decided. So, we’re not sure if SBS or the writer and director of Scarlet Heart Ryeo have begun creating another season for this drama. But, we’ll see. There is still a percentage of hope until it reaches the 10th anniversary. 

Well, that was all we have gathered for you about this extremely good K-Drama. Still, we really hope for a 2nd season, which may have a better ending for our beloved Wang So and Hae Soo, and also for the others as well. Don’t forget to support the actors and the team behind this successful drama, and stay tuned on Channel-Korea for more information about the Korean Entertainment world.

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