Fans Demand ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Season 2, Are They Ever Going to Make It?

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Details About the K-Drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Why Fans Demand a 2nd Season

Hello, guys! Today, in this article, Channel-Korea will give you some pieces of information and explanations about the K-Drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

For those of you who still don’t know yet, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, or the literal title Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”( 달의 연인: 보보경심 려), is one of the most popular 2016 SBS Korean Dramas based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua, and the script is written by Jo Yoon-young, and directed by Kim Kyu-tae. This drama was released on August 29th and was aired till November 1st, 2016, in South Korea.

This article contains a lot of SPOILERS about the storyline. So, be aware if you haven’t watched the series yet. However, if you don’t mind or simply don’t have time to watch the series, then stay tuned and scroll down this article for more information.

The Tragic Ending of Scarlet Heart Ryeo Made Netizens Furious

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Once again, this article contains a lot of SPOILERS. Please, read this article at your own risk if you really feel bad about the spoilers.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a romantic historical drama that isn’t like the other Korean romantic dramas. There are a lot of K-Dramas that give you a happy ending even when at first, it seems that those dramas don’t really have the intention to give you a happy ending.

But, Scarlet Heart Ryeo really gives you a complicated story about love, betrayal, rivalry, dark past, violence, and thirst for power. The main character, Go Ha-jin/Hae Soo (played by famous Korean singer IU) really brings the darkness of the palace a lot of shine. And for your information, those of you who don’t know yet, the main character is a woman from the present time (at this drama’s storyline) that accidentally travels back to the past, in the Goryeo Era (over a thousand years ago in Korea’s history) and then continues to live as herself amidst all the complicated situations in the palace, with an appearance as Hae Soo, a cousin of the wife of the 8th Prince Wang Wook (played by Kang Ha-neul).

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After many events took place, she and Wang So, the 4th Prince (played by Lee Joon-gi) fall in love with each other. But, their love story isn’t as easy as we would like to think. Because the storyline will bring you bad situations and things will get from bad to worse, to finally end up in the worst possible manner. Everything just gets dark, as some characters that you thought will be protagonists, start to show their evil side. The real protagonist is executed and the antagonists manage to get away with all their wrongdoings. Hae Soo herself is nearly killed but manages to survive thanks to the princes’ care for her.

Well, after all these unfortunate events, of course, there will be a happy ending for our main characters, right? But no, no. Not so easy, readers.

Before the accident of Go Ha-jin/Hae Soo’s time-traveling, Wang So, the 4th Prince who then became the new King of the Goryeo Era, was known for his ruthless and cruel rules. But, after the events, in Hae Soo’s real world, Wang So’s representation in history was changed for the better without changing the actual course of history.

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Oh. Well, then. Isn’t that a happy ending for Wang So?

Yes. But not for his love story. Why? Because then, Hae Soo leaves him, she passes away in the Goryeo Era, and then surprisingly goes back to the present world, as Go Ha-jin. This is really a bitter ending for you who really wait for the sweet ending after all the unfortunate events in this drama.

Hae Soo, who wants to leave the palace, realizes that the only way to do it is to get married to Wang Jung, the 14th Prince. Wang So gets very jealous when he sends a spy to Hae Soo and Wang Jung’s house, and everything seems fine and they even seem to be living the life of a happy couple in love together. He doesn’t want to hear anything about Hae Soo again. What Wang So doesn’t know is Hae Soo is carrying his child inside her belly at that time, and her condition is getting worse as she progresses further along with her pregnancy.

When the baby is coming, Hae Soo, who is getting weaker and weaker, asks Wang Jung a favor to send her beloved Wang So, a letter. Though her handwriting looks similar to Wang So’s handwriting, Wang Jung places Hae Soo’s letter inside Wang Jung’s letter, too. Many times she asks Wang Jung to send Wang So the letter so that she can describe her feelings. But Wang So doesn’t want to read it because he thinks that it is just Wang Jung’s plan to provoke him.

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And when Hae Soo’s condition gets worse, she asks Wang Jung for the last time to take care of her child and not to bring her back to the Palace. Then, she passes away in Wang Jung’s arms. When Wang So hears about it he can’t believe it, and then finally he reads all Hae Soo’s letters and cries out.

Then, after meeting his child with Hae Soo and not getting permission to bring her to the Palace from Wang Jung, as it’s his promise to Hae Soo, Wang So lives alone in the Palace, with nobody beside him. In the future, Hae Soo/Go Ha-jin at first really forget about her life in the Goryeo area, but then she remembers everything and cries because she left Wang So alone.

This is really a sad, bitter ending.

As you really can predict, this ending will leave the audience feeling bitter and many of them can’t accept this ending, getting sad and furious. But besides all of their anger about the ending, they really love this drama and its storyline. Many people said that it was their favorite drama, with the plot that perfectly presents you with a love and hate relationship. They also said that this drama is extremely worth watching.

“This drama teaches us about the reality of life; not everything will end up as we wanted, we cannot get everything we want, we get A but we might lose B and there are people that we love who just can not understand or even try to understand what we have.”

“It’s a sad thing to know that a ruler who rules a country is actually living alone, no one around to comfort him and be with him. It’s a sad fact.”


Fans Demand a 2nd Season

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According to the sad ending that Scarlet Heart Ryeo has, many fans of this drama demand Season 2. They really want to see another ending for their sad love story, turning into a happy ending in the future.

This hope has really turned into many fan-made stories to an alternative ending about Hae Soo and Wang So’s story. From fan-fiction to a fan-made trailer, to satisfy their bitter feelings.


Rumors About the 2nd Season of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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Besides all the fan-made trailers and art, there are rumors that the team is going to make the 2nd season of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. But, are they really going to make it?

Unfortunately, until now, there’s no sign but just a fan-made trailer for Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2. It seems like the Production House of Scarlet Heart Ryeo wants to give their audience a bitter, sad ending that’s different from the other K-Dramas.

Although there was something like a hint from Lee Joon-gi and IU about the 2nd season, the Production House hasn’t officially given any explanations about it until now. But fans still hope that there will be Season 2, and a better ending for their beloved Hae Soo and Wang So.