Hong Jong-hyun, Lee Joon-ki and Kang Ha-neul Guest Star on ‘Running Man’

Kang Ha-neul’s Early Failure to Find Teammate

The first mission was finding a random teammate in the market, by asking “I’m the prince of R emperor. As one of my people, do you know my name?” And if the stranger knew the name they would  later play the telepathy game.


When the three separated to look for their teammates, Kang Ha-neul approached a man by holding his hands and saying the statement. Surprisingly, the man didn’t know him! The man even said “it’s Kim…” and Ha-neul replied “It’s not Kim!” At the end, he still didn’t know Ha-neul either. Looks like maybe Kang Ha-neul wasn’t so popular after all? Or maybe the man just didn’t like watching dramas? Anyway, Ha-neul looked very cute, and was enjoying the game to the fullest.

In the meantime, Lee Joon-ki played the role seriously and spread his charm to find himself a teammate.

The Baby Pictures Were Revealed


After the first mission with finding random teammates was complete, they returned to the palace. When all of the Running Man‘s cast returned, their baby pictures were shown. Lee Joon-ki, Kang Ha-neul, and Hong Jong-hyun were  all extremely cute back then!

Lee Joon-ki’s Spell to Beat Hong Jong-hyun


In a game above the water, the casts should do archery. Lee Joon-ki and Kang Ha-neul admitted that they didn’t do any archery; not so with Hong Jong-hyun. He lead the archery game very well. In response to that, Lee Joon-ki said he would use his special advantage. He shouted, very seriously, “The sun and moon, let time be free!”. Suddenly, the clock turned back 30 seconds to give Joon-ki another chance. Unfortunately, skill is skill, and Joon-ki failed to beat Jong-hyun on his second chance. Seems like Joon-ki portrayed the role in his drama perfectly.

The End of The Show


When all the tasks were complete, the winner was Jong-kook, and he had the right to sit on the throne. As he awkwardly sat on the throne alone, he got to wear the kingly robes used in the drama. Joon-ki spontaneously shouted, “those were mine!”

Although Lee Joon-ki lost, he said he will be practicing his ripping name tag skills to win another time.