Hong Jong-hyun, Lee Joon-ki and Kang Ha-neul Guest Star on ‘Running Man’


Our Princes Are Ready to Rock in Running Man

The South Korean variety show, Running Man, which airs on SBS always satisfies the audience by inviting Idols or actor guests to join their exiting games. This time, on Running Man episode 314, they invited three handsome men, Lee Joon-ki, Hong Jong-hyun, and Kang Ha-neul to play!

These three became famous recently because of their drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, a historical drama that also involved soloist IU in the main role. In this drama, Lee Joon-ki played as Prince Wang-so (the main role), Kang Ha-neul as Prince Wand-wook, and Hong Jong-hyun as Prince Wang-yo.

Their involvement on Running Man was meant to promote their drama, so the Running Man‘s theme for the episode was ‘Game of The Emperor’s Throne’ (parody of Game of Thrones) with Scarlet Heart‘s setting, time, place, and (a little bit) plot. Most exciting, this was the first time Lee Joon-ki was involved in Running Man, and he was so excited! Each of the other two had been on the show in the previous years.

Despite being fierce and serious in the drama, they appeared more hilarious in Running Man. They often teased each other and the Running Man‘s  regular cast members. Let’s take a look at some of their funny moments on Running Man episode 314!

King (or DJ?) Lee Joon-ki Opens The Show With “Some Noises”


The show started with the Running Man family members debating about who will be the next king. Suddenly, King Lee Joon-ki appeared and demand silence. This solemn atmosphere suddenly changed, because the King acted like a DJ, by saying “If I said Joon-ki, you said, awesome! (in Korean)”, and so the family members spontaneously followed him. At the end he said “Make some noise! (in English).” Lee Kwang-soo said, “Is he a King or DJ?”


After “make some noise”, the king declared that he wanted to send his sons to the future to compete for the throne by doing some missions.